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Monday Monday

Not that anyone is interested in this - but this is also a diary, so just skip this post...

Monday: The Good - I rocked my Christian Science presentation Monday night! Woot! I had a huge crush on my teacher back in 1988 when I first took a class with him. It's been 20 years, we're both much older and married, but I still have a bit of a crush on him - just a different kind of crush. Plus, way back in 1988 I aced every one of his tests - something he both hated and was impressed by. He nicknamed me "The Showboat." My diligence in studying back then was probably due to the crush, but despite that I wanted to maintain my reputation. Sooooooo, I wanted to do a good job on this presentation. Plus, it was a fascinating subject - the history and tenets of Christian Science. Also, everyone knew that I occasionally taught for the college, so if my presentation wasn't "instructor level quality" then I think it would seem extra bad. Anyway, I got to go first and gave out my little handout, did my presentation, took questions which I fielded with my printouts from the book of Science & Health & other sources, and ended with my two aces in the whole - a Mark Twain book arguing against Christian Science and a list of famous actors/musicians/etc who are Christian Science. There are only eight of us in this class, but we talk enough for 20 - so the faith/tenets stirred up a HUGE debate and discussion that was really fun to participate in. Our instructor, Wendel (who I call Wendelicious), was fascinated by the Mark Twain angle - he didn't know about that. Best, he exclaimed over several of the names I read from the list of famous C.S. members and took the sheet from me so that he could read even more (doing a Winston Churchill impression in the process - Churchill wasn't C.S., but someone Churchill knew was on the list). Mr. Wendel even asked if he could keep the list so that he could share with his wife. SCORE!! Finally, he held up my handout and said, "This is the template for the rest of you. I want each of you to include a handout for your presentations, and follow this format." DOUBLE SCORE!! The other person presenting last night said "I don't have a handout" and Mr. Wendel said something like, "But you will get one to me for next week." LOL! And, no one in class hated me over that comment, so even better. (Half of us are auditing anyway, so there was no way for me to blow out a curve or anything.) I can't tell you how relieved and happy I am that it went well - I was pretty nervous plus I'd had a truly awful day up to this point, so I really needed the kudos and happy time. Why was my day so awful before this?

Monday: The Bad - An error on the last batch of checks my bank sent to me caused five checks to be returned as "this account does not exist." So yesterday was spent in a panic talking to my electric company (one call/one visit), my pest control company (one call), my dentist (one call), my mortgage company (four calls) and my bank (fifteen calls and a visit) in a frustrating and upsetting attempt to get everything straightened out. The bank caught the water payment and fixed it themselves. The bank also was very apologetic, ordered a new box of checks for free, and provided cashiers checks for free for any of the problem checks. Most of it was resolved yesterday; today I had to make a post office run for the mortgage, but that should be the last of it. I hope. Really really really sucked. (But I have one friend in the hospital right now and another whose life is in real chaos, so while it sucked - I know life could be a lot worse.)

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