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And we're walking!

To write about the thing I want to post I need to get pictures off my camera, so I'm writing this instead.

My husband gave me an early birthday present. Really early, as my birthday is in December. He insisted on giving it to me early because the weather has finally cooled down and he thought it would really come in handy for my daily walks.

Tada! New Nano!

It's amazingly cool - it clips anywhere so I don't have to carry it when I walk. Yay! And it has a clock and a timer, so I'm no longer bound to walking in circles around my building so that I can peek into my coworkers' office windows to see their clocks. (Today I wandered around the entire campus for 40 minutes of my lunch hour, although the last 20 minutes I still walked around my building a little because it's shady.) Anyway, the Nano also a pedometer; something I've been talking about getting for ages now. I don't quite trust the nano pedometer yet. AND it picks up radio in addition to the stuff you load on it. I'm a big enough dork that when I was showing it off to my coworkers I played Cake.

Thanks partly to the Nano and the cooler weather, this weekend I tried to make good on my promise to start jogging. I kind of suck. I wanted to start slow and build up strength, so my intent was to walk some/jog some. It was mostly walk. I did jog six small sections, basically the downhill bits. Even though I walk four days a week or more, ride a stationary bike two to three times a week, and frequently do thirty minutes or an hour step aerobics a couple of times a week... with none of that leading to any major issues... that wee little bit of "jogging" has my legs amazingly sore!


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Oct. 5th, 2010 11:40 pm (UTC)
That's a cool thingy! I want one! Though, I don't know what I'd do with it right now. =o)

And good for you keeping up with the exercise! Good on ya girl! =o)

I'd offer to jog with you, but I don't want to. I'd ride bikes though. =o)
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