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I forgot to mention my two stunning moments of incompetence today plus my a bit too competent moment.

Yesterday I had made a to-do list, but didn't anticipate getting up at 4:30 am. So I had already completed a large chunk of it while waiting for a reasonable time to head out on my errands. FINALLY 8 am rolled around, so I grabbed my list and after spur of the moment stopping for diesel (hurricane season I try to stay close to full) I headed to Sears only to discover they don't open until 9 am. Well, I didn't have to pay off the A/C before the convention - that was just a bonus from having a day off work. Since I was on that side of town I decided to stop by the bank to draw out the $50 Monkeys wanted. (Monkeys had asked me to put it on my list, but I had some cash at the house and was going to use that instead of taking it from checking - but since I was already there I thought we could *both* have $50 for the convention.) So I worked my way across the street only to discover the bank was also closed and THEY didn't have a sign on their door for hours of operation. As I was walking to my car someone else pulled in and said they opened at 8:30, so I spent the wait time breaking down the cardboard boxes I had been meaning to get around to for the past two weeks - so score! By the time I left I decided to try Sears again, and used the wait time there to check in with my mom and laugh about how getting an early start to the day doesn't work if the rest of the world isn't up and ready for you.

We haven't used the cat feeders since April, so I kind of forgot how they work. I filled the water from the bottom and put the dispenser on, but haven't had the courage to flip it over yet. Next I picked up the food bin and filled it halfway with catfood. Instead of going over to fetch the dispenser, which I'd left on the other side of the bathroom, and attaching it, I thought I would take the bin to the dispenser. When I picked it up I realized it was open on the other end. Yep. I picked up the bin and watched the catfood puddle on the bathroom floor. Apparently with the catfood feeder you put the bin in the dispenser, and pour the catfood in from the top then you put the lid on. It's REALLY easy to work.

Maybe it was because I am not used to being up this early, but it threw my routine off a bit. I remember putting my hair up in a ponytail to wash my face/brush my teeth. I guess I just assumed that since I took my hair down I must have brushed it. Over the course of the morning I chatted with a lady in the Sears parking lot, the bank teller, the Sears cashier (a lot), the pharmacist and his assistant, and the Publix cashier and her bagger. None of them mentioned my hair. When I got home and looked in the mirror I really don't understand how they kept straight faces. **sigh**

Meanwhile - since my last post I have scrubbed the front door (like anyone would notice), laid out the bathroom mats, refilled the soap dispensers, cleaned bathroom counters and all the mirrors in the house, folded more laundry (finished off the pillowcases and blankets), and vacuumed a couple of rooms. Woot.

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