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We got up early in hopes of being tired early tonight/make it easier to get up super early tomorrow.

So I've been working fairly steadily since 4:30. I've washed all the bed sheets, made up the bed, taken out the trash, folded towels, put away clothes, unloaded the dishwasher, mostly weeded the rock garden, switched out my purse (three times - still not happy), and set up the cat's food dish and nearly set up the water dish (just have to flip it over). I've also stopped by the bank, Sears (paid off the A/C!), and Publix. I broke down some cardboard boxes that have been sitting in my car for two weeks and returned the cloth shopping bags to my car. Oh, and I scrubbed my bathroom floors and the shower.

I still want to clean the kitchen a bit more, clean out the refrigerator, clean the guest bathroom, and vacuum around the house - but hopefully that will be easypeasy. There is a lot more I ought to be doing, but I'm at a bit of a loss because Monkey's stuff is EVERYWHERE between the awesome costume he and Toaster have nearly finished and his general packing.

I'm REALLY trying to watch what I eat today because it's a lot harder for me to not snack or not splurge when I'm not at work. So far so good - yogurt & berries for breakfast, boca burger in pita with spinach and an apple for lunch. Now I just have to stay strong until tea time...

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