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Busy week!! Lots of good stuff, but man am I tired. To tired to muster up interesting adjectives to make this interesting (deliberate redundancy is funny!), but I wanted to write it down anyway! Last week of registration then Dragoncon, so my brain is scrambled even if my nights were free.

Monday night had my first History of Christianity After the Reformation. If it makes, it will be awesome. I love the instructor and the other students seem open to discussion and sharing ideas. Some of them were in his class last semester (HoC To the Reformation) and were teasing him because there were two Church of Christ members in class therefore he was outnumbered. When I mentioned I'd just converted to Catholicism the instructor pointed and exclaimed "ha, there are two Catholics - now we're even!" So the tone of the class is awesome. Still - it means a long Monday - working all day then class until 9pm.

Tuesday I went into town to visit a friend visiting from California. We were really close in high school, but she joined the Navy and has been gone for 18 years. I've seen her a few times over the years, but not much. We went bowling - which was a good idea because we were actively doing something to compensate for any conversational challenges. Her three year old is super cute - she actually beat us bowling, but she had bumpers. I ended up getting home close to 10pm.

Wednesday turned out to be a free night - which I wasn't expecting, but probably really needed.

Thursday I went to a special Mass in FWB with Toaster and her family. I need to organize some thoughts about that to write out, because it was amazing. We didn't get back until after 9pm -so it also turned out to be a late night but so worth it.

Friday I went back into town to play board games and watch a movie with my friend who's in town. She's heading back to California on Monday, so we worked in one more visit. I also got to attend a science lecture at work and my first executive board meeting for FACC. While both were fun/interesting, it turned out to be a very stressful day at work.

I'm not used to that many late nights during the week! It was worth it, but I'm tired. Today is dedicated to cleaning and packing for Dragoncon since I pretty much had no time during the week. Wish me luck!

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