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Marc Gunn - Celtic Music Artist - held a concert at our house.

Traveling Minstrel Traveling Minstrel
Per his request, we rearranged the furniture so that he could perform in front of the TARDIS.
Big Damn Hero Big Damn Hero
Marc wore the hat S2K knitted for me when he performed a medley of Firefly related songs.
Jedi Drinking Song Jedi Drinking Song
Monkeys assisted!

* Everyone seemed to be having a good time! His show was great! There seemed to be a lot of energy in the room and people were laughing, singing along, clapping, etc. He did two sets and included several new songs, which is always fun; he wore the Jayne hat Sarah made when he did Firefly related songs. We missed his last show when he was down here, so it had been a while since we last got to see him, and I had forgotten how fun his live shows are. During the break people were milling about eating and chatting. After the show people hung around a bit to keep chatting and several people played arcade games, so I’m sure Monkeys was in heaven. There was plenty of food and everything was yummy. Marc was excited about getting to perform in front of the TARDIS – which was awesome – and he asked about coming back again in January.

* We didn’t have a huge crowd like the last two times – only 11 adults – but the minimum for a house concert is usually listed as 10, so that’s acceptable. The college production of Grease and the thunderstorms all week were competing for attention with the show. My parents usually attend, and I know they wanted to come, but they were nervous about driving at night. Two of our friends were sick, and as they were part of couples that meant four additional people were absent. (Glad they are feeling better!!) Considering how busy the summer is (I know one usual attendee was traveling) and the economy (I know four usual attendees were working) eleven is probably pretty good. It looked like lots of people were buying CDs and shirts, so I think he did okay.

* The set up seemed to work okay. I am always worried that there won’t be enough room, especially as Marc jumps around a lot! LOL! In the past we put the Bards in our dining room thinking they would have more mobility there and turned all the furniture to face that way, so that meant all the food had to be in the kitchen. That had the side effect of making the food off-limits during the show and forcing people into our old/ugly kitchen. Since it was only Marc this time, even if he did jump around a lot, we decided to set him up in the living room and usurp a portion of the dining room by turning the table lengthways, using the dining room chairs as part of the show seating facing the living room, and setting the food and a trail to the kitchen behind all the chairs. This seemed to work out better. I’m hoping the ceiling acoustics were better, Marc was excited about performing in front of the TARDIS, arrivals through the front door wouldn’t have been as noticeable, and it just plain felt more normal since the living room was facing the usual way. Plus, people getting drinks/food weren’t as much of a distraction during the show as they were behind everyone’s backs. Thanks to the new floor the kitchen was actually in shape enough that I didn’t even mind if people went in there for some reason.

* We actually got the house in shape. I didn’t think we were going to pull it off because we weren’t just cleaning; we were making some major changes and trying to actually better organize it for more permanent improvements. In the end we still had to cram some stuff in closets and under tarps, but it was almost truly in shape before that. We even got the yard/porch looking pretty nice and the garage accessible so that people could play arcade games after the show. We worked really hard and fixed things that probably no one even would notice but needed to be done for ages (like painting interior doors, redoing all the cables and cords in the house to better hide them behind furniture, touching up scuffed paint on walls, rearranging pictures, dusting the high-shelf knick-knacks) plus we made some major changes to the kitchen. I supercleaned our bathroom so we could show that off to anyone who hadn’t seen it which meant we had to superclean our bedroom as people would be passing through there. And even now, even though I have removed most of the stuff from my closet (returned the exercise equipment back to the guest bedroom, for example) the house still looks pretty good, so I’m calling that a total win. Why can’t I keep the house looking this way?!?!

* I was really stressed out two weekends before because I didn’t see how I could get everything in – painting and tiling the kitchen?!? Plus all the little tiny tasks which add up and time estimates are never conservative – did we have time for them en masse? Working until 6 pm every evening didn’t afford a lot of time to get things done after work and I had a Tallahassee trip plus a church/NWFSC event that could not be rescheduled so I didn’t even have much weekend time?!?! And there is the usual worry about “will people have fun?” “will strangers arrive/what will they think of the house?” “will we have enough/too much food?” “will there be enough people?” etc. Plus so many people in my life are sick or hurting right now so emotionally I was in a difficult place even without the house concert. But everything came together for the concert – so that’s a relief. (Still praying for those who are sick and hurting, though.)

* Before/after the show we had a good time visiting and catching up. We also watched the last three Tennet Doctor Who episodes, which I think caught him up on the tenth doctor.

Major thanks to everyone who came out for the show! Extra thanks for the food and drinks you brought. And even bigger thanks for those who helped out with setting up or cleaning up afterwards. We have truly wonderful friends!!


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Jul. 21st, 2010 01:44 am (UTC)
It was a great time girl! Thanks for hosting it. =o)
Jul. 21st, 2010 02:20 am (UTC)
He asked about doing another one January 22nd. Does that sound like a good date? It's so far in the future I can't wrap my mind around it. I know I need to check that registration is over. BNL and JoCo both have cruises around that time, but it's not likely I'll have the money or passport for the cruises, so that's probably not an issue.
Jul. 21st, 2010 02:48 am (UTC)
Ohhhh... I don't know... I don't know my schedule that far in advance either. I know we had talked about the possiblity of going to LARF one weekend sometime in November or December. But as for January, aside from the cruise (which I would LOVE do to, but I don't know about money, or job) that's all I can think of.

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