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HMS Bounty - NY Trip

It takes two days to get to my grandmother's apartment in Ogdensburg. Well, you could push straight through and not stop for the night, but that's painful. So when we arrived at Gram's we were tired and relieved to finally be there and ready to settle in for the night - except we could see a tall ship harbored about two blocks away. Up in Gram's apartment she explained - That's the HMS Bounty. It's been there all week and sets sail tonight around 6pm. We looked at the clock: 5pm. So up we jump, and Mom and I walk over while Dad and Gram take the car. Two blocks is pretty far for a 91 year old.

Turns out the Bounty wasn't going to sail until tomorrow morning 7AM, so we waited in the diesel exhaust for an hour and a half for nothing. But it was a fun nothing. It was great watching the crowd of people touring the ship, the families bonding, the adults explaining the story to the younglings, etc. We met some of the other tenants from Gram's apartment complex who were also taking one last look at the ship. Plus, it was a beautiful day (just before it started to sprinkle), the sky was gorgeous, the water was blue, and the company was comfortable.

It wasn't the actual Bounty; it was a replica bound for some sort of Tall Ship Extravaganza in Toronto. They used the real plans; however, and scaled it up a bit. Tall Ship Bounty story Regardless, it was really cool. Also, my dad slightly scared a mom and her son by launching into a story about how when he was shipped over to VietNam in the 60's he and his fellow marines road in another HMS ship similar to the Bounty. He elaborated on the information on the placards surrounding the ship explaining its history, its creation, and its statistics. Mostly he was referencing the size of the sleeping quarters as described on one of the placards, emphasizing how small the sleeping quarters were and how the sign was accurate but didn't do it justice. I found the story fascinating and was really proud of my dad the brave soldier, but I was also amused over the mom/son's expressions. It was verging on the cusp of "this vet is sharing an interesting story we owe him our respect" and "this creepy stranger won't stop talking to us."

We sat on a bench by the ship watching the crowd dwindle, watching the crew take in the signs and shut down for the night. By that point we'd learned they wouldn't be leaving until the next morning and that they probably would open their sails. The next morning we heard the cannon fire, but didn't trip down to watch them take off. We were going to Alex Bay later that day and joked about possibly seeing her along the way. It just so happened that not only did we pass her by, we passed her just as we came to a viewing area along the seaway! So not only were there no houses or trees to block our view, we were RIGHT next to the river. We pulled over in the parking area and took some video of it going by, but there were no sails. :( Still - pretty lucky!

A Spoonful of Seawater A Spoonful of Seawater
I thought she looked like Mary Poppins. :D I was humming My Favorite Things while taking pictures.
My attempt at My attempt at an artsy shot.



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Jul. 12th, 2010 06:29 pm (UTC)
As I understand it, the Bounty one sees today on the Tall Ships circuit is the one that was built for the Mel Gibson film.
Jul. 13th, 2010 01:27 am (UTC)
Oooo - I didn't read that. I'm not sure if I'm excited or creeped out considering Gibson's recent behavior.
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