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Today's Writers Block Question was pretty funny. I cut and pasted it because I don't want anything I say to go to their main page as I am an idiot and would totally embarrass myself.

Question everything.
Do you often feel that random people ask you a lot of questions? Has anyone ever tried to ask you a lot of questions all at once? When people ask you a lot of questions all at once, do you ignore some of the questions? In those cases where someone asks you a load of questions, do you consider all the questions as one question, or maybe think of them as individual questions? After a lot of questions, if someone asks you to explain your answer, does that count as another question? Explain your answer. Submitted By jouronimo

I don't know if students can be considered "random" since it's a part of my job, but I don't know them so that's kind of random. They ask lots of of questions. And I do get random people asking me questions. Plus, I have one friend that asks random questions and lots of questions and sometimes lots of random questions. All at once. En masse. Individually. Endividually. If you say explain your answer there's no question mark afterwards, so how can that be a question. Explain that.

Sometimes I give random answers.

My hair is getting really long. I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror a few minutes ago and suddenly thought I looked like I was from the 70's. I have some creepy Leif Garret thing going. I have a viking hat. I could have a crazy Leif Ericson thing going.

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