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Today went by really quickly due to being busy the whole day. Honestly, it felt like I never stopped working. So S2K, sorry for not writing you back, but that's the reason. :) I was thinking of you today, though!!

Other than being overworked today, it was an awesome day. There was a wedding shower for a coworker today, and I did not forget! I remembered my gift, and I remembered my food item. This may be a first for me. Plus, even though it was her shower, I had a few highlights myself. :D

Thirty minutes before the shower I stopped my real job (or tried to) so that I could make a fruit salad for the shower. While chopping pears and peaches I got two phone calls, including one from the Registrar, yet I still managed to answer the phone w/o making a huge mess. Unfortunately, the Registrar was calling me to her office for a project, so the distraction made me leave out my apple and not add as many cherries as I would have otherwise. Still, it turned out okay.

The only place my coworker registered was Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which does free gift wrap. But their free gift wrap is white packages/bags with purple borders, so it occurred to me that her gift table was going to be a bit repetitive. I got out my highlighters and drew a flower and vase, a wedding dress, hearts/wedding date, well wishes on the sides of the bag to give it some color. When I brought my gift into the party it got tons of comments like "Only MLR would think to decorate the bag." which totally went to my head and made me happy. Maddie even said she was keeping the bag. :D

I got compliments on the fruit salad because I put colored marshmallows in with the fruit. It didn't occur to me that marshmallows were different or quirky, but apparently in my office they are - so once again I got a big head.

When I took out my camera to take a picture of her gift table someone called out, "Oh, thank GOD *someone* thought to bring a camera!" So yet again I got brownie points/big head.

I left the shower a bit early because I was tired. I tried to quickly flag Maddie's attention to say good bye, but it wasn't working. Pam yelled out "Maddie! Say goodbye to MLR, she's trying to leave." and suddenly EVERYONE in the room started yelling "bye MLR!" in loud happy voices. That felt nice, too.

So I had a huge head and felt loved and almost as special as the bride to be. :D

OH - and I didn't eat anything at the shower!! Go me!


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Apr. 13th, 2010 03:59 am (UTC)
That's because YOU are awesome!

and I still love you. :D
Apr. 14th, 2010 01:54 am (UTC)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw - I love you, too!!
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