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1988 Olympic memory. (Of a sort)

Tonight Stephane Lambiel's spinning and foot work was soooooooooooooo amazing!!! I wish he'd landed his intended jumps; I would have liked for him to have gotten a higher score. His foot work was way better than Plushenko.

Watching the Olympics I'm waxing nostalgic to the 1988 Olympics. I was president of History Honor and initiated the practice of posting "This Day In History" signs to our club board. Each club had a little chunk of bulletin board to post club meetings, events, etc. I had parceled out a square of ours where I pinned things I'd copied each morning from a World Almanac. It started on December 8th when I did an announcement about John Lennon being shot - for that I didn't need an almanac. Anyway, people liked the idea of the History of the Day, so I continued with nonBeatley info. Turns out the whole thing became really popular - kids I didn't know would stop me and ask if I was the person who hung the signs/where did the info come from and I always caught someone stopping to read whenever I walked by. So that's a happy high school memory.

When the Olympics started I added another square for This Day In Olympic History. I can remember getting my five colored felt tip markers and drawing the Olympic rings every morning, sometimes more than once if I messed up my transcribing from the almanac. I should have done a set of rings that never changed and just switched out the text, but I wasn't that clever. Or maybe I just liked using colored markers.

OH and I wrote a poem for Brian Boitano. Wanna hear it?
Go go go, go Brian Go! B * O * I * T * A * N * O!!!
Yeah, I'm brilliant. I know. Such a big crush on him. :D

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