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Have you seen today's XKCD?!?!?!?


So my life right now!!!

I was complaining to a friend about looking like the Batman villain Two Face. The right side of my face looks fine, but the left side is severely broken out. I think it looks hideous. He offered to make a coin for me and then spent ten minutes doing impressions of me using the coin in my daily life. (You want to be admitted to the education program, let’s see… *flip*) He’s really funny and just about everything he said cannot be repeated.

It started in October with a kind of third eye effect. I wore hats for a while. Finally I went to the dermatologist in November. She didn’t know what the breakout was, but said that I also had an allergic reaction to the stuff I had put on it as treatment. She put me on some antibiotics which cleared it up. Then sometime in December or January, it came back and has been steadily getting worse. Monday I finally broke down and made another dermatologist appointment because whatever it is, it’s spreading instead of getting better. I always thought – if you face is breaking out it is pimples aka acne. I didn’t realize the different names I’d heard weren’t synonyms. Durrrr.

I went expecting them to say “take this, do this, blahblahblah.” Instead, she offered four or five possibilities as to what was wrong with varying treatments and a comment that she was stumped. Stumped? Apparently it’s a weird one – but that matches my personality!

So she did two biopsies which hurt then and still hurt a little bit now, but thankfully that is fading. She expects the lab results back this week with the hopes that will clarify what it is so that they can put me on the appropriate medication for the actual problem instead of just a general antibiotic. At least this is the same antibiotic they had me on in November, so it has a good track record.

She took pictures of my face to send along with the samples. I didn’t know if I was supposed to smile or if I needed to look serious. She laughed and said that was a common question and that it didn’t matter. I told them I was going to try for Zoolander, figuring the lab techs see a lot of pictures. I also attempted to “Smize” and decided that I watch too much television. I’m not sure which picture of me she will send. I had one that looks like I’ve been arrested; I’m guessing that one.

Meanwhile - thanks to yet another brilliant friend - I'm going to claim my face is due to Parkcour FAIL. That sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler.


Feb. 14th, 2010 11:55 pm (UTC)
Best wishes and prayers.

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