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one last thing

This amused me. I was watching the local news last night (no choice, they took over all the regular programing for their storm watch) and the meteorologist and news anchors were so incredibly ticked off about the storm. it was GREAT!! one of the anchors kept saying, in a rather angry voice, that if you don't evacuate and you were told to evacuate no one is going to come and help you when you make a 911 call in the middle of the storm. (During Ivan there were something like 900 emergency phone calls and the 911 people had to tell everyone we are sorry, but we are physically unable to get to you right now.)

then the meteorologist was repeating some coordinates and figures from a piece of paper and I SWEAR he just tossed the papers aside with a flourish and said something like it's heading right for us, i don't have any new information yet but the national weather service will do an update soon.

then the anchor was reading some county emergency phone numbers off for escambia and santa rosa and wanted to read some off for okalooosa county (where i live) but couldn't find the numbers. not exaggerating, his response was basically, well these notes and papers keep building up i have such copious notes i can't find everything easily. I love him!!!!

and finally,

John went to the grocery store to buy non-perishable supplies for when the power goes out. he came back with 1 can of peaches, 6 cans of chili, 2 bags of cookies, and 3 bags of M&M's!!! Does anyone else think that's a little off?

I have a new idea for a reality tv show. cameras follow three families preparing for a hurricane. what they do around the house, how they decide whether to evacuate or stay. what supplies and prep for staying and/or the terror or annoyance of evacuating. then the dealing with the aftermath. i think it would be interesting - like those 'a baby's life' shows on TLC or Discovery or whatever.

So that's the funny side of waiting on hurricanes. We're probably going to get bad wind and rain but otherwise be okay - we're about an hour east of Pensacola so we're on the "bad side" but we have a little more distance. Maybe tornadoes and probably loss of power. I'm more worried about the people to the west of us. Please everyone pray for Pensacola. A lot of people still don't have their roofs fixed from IVAN and are going to go through Dennis with just a blue tarp for protection. Hopefully they are smart and went to shelters, but there are a lot of stubborn people in denial out there.


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Jul. 11th, 2005 05:15 am (UTC)
Did you guys stay in Crestview?
Jul. 11th, 2005 12:43 pm (UTC)
how did you mom do? did she stay or go?

we stayed - we thought it was gonna hit mobile/pensacola so we'd not get much and thanks to Ivan we had a new roof so unless something actually fell on us or a tornado came by we should be okay. i got scared we made the wrong decision Sunday afternoon when they started saying maybe Destin maybe FWB maybe Navarre but it was too late to run at that point anyway. thankfully it wasn't so bad. our yard got a little trashed but nothing major. john and i were even stupid and went outside when it was making landfall to stand in the wind for a while. there was NOBODY outside, it was like a ghost town.

anyway, we never even lost power!!! some of our friends in FWB and in Niceville lost power and still don't have it back plus the local publix said they lost power for a little bit so i guess we were lucky. i heard one neighborhood here had a fire and they deliberatly cut the power there for awhile. the biggest thing i've seen so far is the hotel by the Walmart lost it's roof!! they had to evacuate the guests to another hotel. we drove past it today and wow!!

other than that i didn't see very much damage or even very much mess (blown leaves, branches) i even saw some gas stations getting fuel! so i think we were all pretty blessed and lucky. i haven't been watching the news, though, so i don't know anything about the reports of aftermath...maybe i should get off line and check that out :)

hope all your family and friends are fine and no major damage!
Jul. 12th, 2005 05:21 am (UTC)
My mom did leave. She went to her mother's house in Alababma. She lost power at our house and it still hasn't came on? She is simply staying with a friend in Crestview for a while until the power comes back on. But thankfully, nothing happened to the house. Everything seems to be okay.

Do you know if Jason and Jamie turned out okay?
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