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Little Five Points in the Rain

Adventures in Little Five Points. The concert didn't start until 8:30, so originally we planned to go early to Little Five Points and explore the shops and restaurants - especially Junk Man's Daughter and the Vortex - because we knew we like JMD and we'd seen the Vortex over and over without ever making it inside. But, it was raining. So we changed our minds. Then we changed them again because we thought we'd rather drive while there was daylight, even if it meant sitting in our car for a few hours listening to the rain on the roof.

We had a MapQuest map and directions from the Motor Lobby staff, and we still bungled finding Little Five Points. Really we only missed two turns, and we caught the mistakes quickly, although my poor VW Beatle’s tires and Monkeys’ poor nerves nearly blew when we found ourselves driving over a curb trying to exit a gas station to Euclid. Turns out there wasn’t an incline. Normal gas stations have more inclines, darn it! The other cars on Euclid were really nice about letting us through – I’m guessing their irritation at us going the wrong way was overcome by pity induced by our looks of distress. Did I mention it was raining?

Finding parking was actually really easy! Yay! So we walked around a little bit in the rain looking at the buildings and some of the vintage clothing shops then decided to wait out our time at a coffee shop near the Variety Playhouse. After about an hour it started to feel like loitering, although the coffee and brownies and cookies were fantastic we could only consume so much, so we ventured back out into the rain to try to pass the remaining two hours.

Mucha Lucha! Mucha Lucha!
We walked all the way back up Euclid, but all the really interesting stuff was on the other side of the road, so we dodged between raindrops and explored the other side. We spent thirty minutes looking at t-shirt designs, picking out what we would do if we were to make our own shirt. The shop had all sorts of plain clothing (various styles/colors) and seven books of iron-on patterns. You picked out one or more iron-ons and a shirt, and they make your t-shirt while you wait. Monkeys kept thinking anything they had he could make himself, and I kept remembering how mine would always wrinkle, so we controlled ourselves despite the clever phrases and pop culture images tempting us. The lady working there was really nice, and she let us take a Luchador mask off her shelf to put on JoCo for a picture.
If only we'd run in fear from the sign - we'd have saved some money... If only we'd run in fear from the sign - we'd have saved some money...
Next we went into Criminal Records – a used record shop that also sold magazines, action figures, and bizarre not-for-kids toys. We were there nearly an hour, I bet. Monkeys fell into a deep conversation with one of the employees about alternative music. We ended up buying a bunch of CDs (Talking Heads, Souxsie & the Banshees, Cake, Well Hung – chronicling the underground rise of rock music in Hungry, and The In-Krout – dance music from Germany in the 60’s) – and that was restraining ourselves.
A Toast! (At Toast!) A Toast! (At Toast!)
At least they put up with me playing around with the merchandize and taking photographs!

At this point a line had developed for Coulton’s show, so we found a spot for ourselves and spent the time chatting with each other and the people around us. You can overhear some bizarre conversations in a geek line.


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Jan. 21st, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)

How did you get Jocobear into that sexxy toast pose??
Jan. 22nd, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)
LOL - I didn't intend it to be a sexy pose, that was the only way he would balance. When I took it I thought to myself, "hmmmmm, this is kinda pinup skeeezy" but I giggled and took it anyway.
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