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Birfday presentz!

I got several cool gifts for my birthday. My parents and John gave me Beatles Rock Band for the Wii. We’ve played it twice so far – once at Thanksgiving and once at Gingerbread. One of John’s coworkers has promised to play with me next Saturday. It’s a lot of fun!! Toaster gave me a hat just like Paolo Garbonzo’s Renn Faire Rain Hat!!! I don’t know how she ran across one. McAmason gave me a gas mask! A real life, functional gas mask!! Of course, I made a lot of “Let me in Mommy, I’m afraid of the bombs” comments when he was explaining how it worked, so I will need a refresher course when I’m better able to pay attention. Magnet gave me an Ironsides DVD as a bday/Christmas gift because he remembered I had a huge crush on Ironsides when I was a kid. (When I was three I asked Mom for a wheelchair for Christmas so that I could be like Ironsides. Her response was something like God forbid you ever get one, but I didn’t understand her meaning at the time.) I also got taken out to Bombay Masala by Monkeys and my mom on Sunday. Mmmmmmm! At work my coworkers gave me a giant cookie, so I spent a lot of the day taking chunks of cookie to various offices partially to share and partially to prevent me from eating it all as I had weighin at the end of the week and still needed to lose from Thanksgiving.


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