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lights, garland, action!

It has been a busy week! All week long we were preparing the house for the Gingerbread Party on Saturday. It’s usually a big crowd, which means people in every room and needing both bathrooms accessible, so you can’t just pile everything in one room and shut the door. Also, occasionally people spend the night. Not to mention the fact it’s Christmas, so the decorations have to be up. We didn’t have as big a turnout as we were expecting due to some people being sick, but we still had a good crowd. I think the total count was 21. Those who couldn’t come were missed!! I hope to post pictures from the party soon, but I left my camera in my mom’s car, so I’m out of luck until I get it back.

In addition to the Gingerbread party I managed to put a big dent in sending out Christmas cards, so go me! And go Facebook, as it turned out to be a handy resource for collecting addresses. If you want a card, send me your address and I will chuck one in the mail. I also am pretty much done with Christmas shopping, gift wrapping and distribution. I think I have two more people to buy for plus the angel tree gifts we do at work. Bree and I are supposed to go out shopping one evening this week, and I’m hoping we’ll be given some time at work to wrap or at least be allowed to take home tape since I’ve run out of my own. We finished all the decorating for the house inside and out, and I think I have the prettiest tree on the planet. I am still working on my office door for the admissions office door decorating competition. I won last year with my Beatles door, so I’ve been told I’m the major competition, and I intend to rise to the challenge. This year my theme is Alice in a Winter Wonderland. I’m about 1/3rd done. I also did what I call Christmas baking – I made snickerdoodles from the dough I bought during a fund raiser earlier in the year and I made chocolate covered pretzel sticks. Those are fun and easy to make and surprisingly pretty. I declare Christmas baking done. Well, I’m debating making some Christmas cookies that say “eat me” to bribe the door judges, but we’ll see. Christmas dinner we are having at my parents, so I don’t think I’ll have any real cooking or major cleaning/prep work – maybe a side dish or two. The major Christmas event at our house is over. Next weekend we are having Monkey’s coworkers come over after their office dinner, but everyone will have eaten, so I don’t have to put out food – just clean up a bit and make the games accessible. The house is already fairly neat from the Gingerbread party, so as long as we don’t do anything horrible to it, cleanup should be pretty easy. The year is ending well!


I still have two more designs - The Jabberwock with nose of flame, a Ms Claus red queen, and something with Alice. I'm also decorating a Christmas tree with Wonderland related items (flamingos, Eat Me teacakes, pocket watches) topped by a Cheshire Cat.



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Dec. 9th, 2009 06:44 am (UTC)
I totally think you should make eat me cookies. I mean... seriously!
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