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Thanksgiving 2009 Recap

I should have done a little post about being grateful for my family, my husband, and my friends and for my many blessings. So belated thanks. We had a great Thanksgiving! I was off Wednesday through Friday, but the days went by in a blur. Wednesday I hung out with my mom in Destin, including a Krispee Kreme donut run, Old Time Pottery, Fresh Market, and some other places. That night Monkeys and I worked on getting dinner prepped for tomorrow and putting up the Christmas tree since we were under a bit of a time crunch. Normally I start Christmas decorating on my birthday (Dec 2nd), but this year it made more sense to take advantage of the days off. Thanksgiving was AWESOME. My parents and Toaster, who was orphaned this holiday, came over. Monkeys made five different kinds of stuffed turkey breast: traditional stuffing, artichoke hearts and feta, baby bella mushrooms and Swiss cheese, roasted garlic and bousin cheese, and Bree and cranberry. He also made a pumpkin desert and a homemade cheesecake. Toaster’s mom sent over one of their traditional family deserts and Mom brought a pecan pie and Waldorf salad. I made two different salads (my version of the O’Charlies California salad and my version of my coworker’s Napa salad) and cream cheese & garlic mashed potatoes. Monkeys made our favorite Indian Green Beans recipe. Mom made cornbread stuffing and corn pudding. So it was a good blend of healthy foods and OMG STARCHES.

Afterwards my parents let me open my birthday present early – Beatles Rock Band!! The five of us played for a bit. Mom did well on the drums in the end! It was hysterical watching my parents attempt it at first, however. Dad was in the drum corps in high school and my grandmother was a professional drummer, so I thought he would be most comfortable starting with that. I was soooooo wrong. He was so bad that mom took one of the drumsticks away from him so that he could just worry about watching one side of the drum kit while she took care of the other side. Neither of them were playing in sync, they didn’t seem to know what the other was going to do, and they kept talking frantically trying to tell the other person what to do. I laughed so hard I cried, and it looked like Toaster was going to fall out of her seat. I was kind of sad when they caught on.

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