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Halloween Eve at Work

This made me feel special. Geeky, dorky, and strange, but also special.

Normally on Halloween I dress up at work. I’ve worn my various pirate costumes from Dragoncon (occasionally with giant plastic swords); I’ve worn various Renn Festival outfits (occasionally with horns); I’ve dressed as a witch; I’ve dressed as the Doctor. Once I talked my coworkers into dressing as “the plague” where we were all to wear our pajamas and bathrobes and give ourselves lipstick measles. Despite everyone saying yes, I was the only one to follow through. I taught class in said pajamas and bathrobe later that evening, although I did wash the measles off my face. The last few weeks have been very busy and very stressed (good stress is still stress), so emotionally I couldn’t psych myself up to dressing up today. I was planning on wearing one of the Salwar Kamishes, but 1) I don’t think of them as costumes and 2) I got sick last night which collapsed any ambitions I had. So today I wore an orange sweater, black jeans, black and orange striped socks, and orange Converse hightops, all of which I have worn to work before – just not at once. I also wore my fox hat – which I
hadn’t worn to work before but have worn just about everywhere else as you can see from my Wisconsin pictures, my New York pictures, my Dragoncon pictures, or ask any of our local gas stations. So in my mind, I did not dress up. I dressed down. And more importantly, I felt down until something happened to cheer me up some.

People have been coming out of the woodwork to see if I’m dressed up. I mean, they’ve come from other buildings, even. And they are crazy about the hat. Everyone seems to think I’m a tiger (Tony the Tiger, Tigger, etc.) because of the socks, but that’s okay because it keeps the Come to Kenya song running through my head. I can’t understand why they think I’m so festive since I feel incredibly mundane, but I’m glad they aren’t seeing it as mundane. The best moment was when the Registrar and her assistant heard my voice at the copier, and they excitedly called and called out to me to come into their office because they wanted to see what I was wearing like they had really high expectations. I actually apologized because I wasn’t dressed up, but they disagreed and actually raved about my outfit. Someone else came in and said that I looked more like a tiger than a fox, but I said my husband called me a fox and I was sticking with that. Also, one of the groundskeepers stopped at my window and signed to me how much he liked my hat. He recognized it as a fox hat, and he mimed me chasing down and attacking a rabbit. I signed back “chocolate rabbit,” and he applauded.

Also in the vein of "it’s a good day no matter how awful I feel", the assistant registrar called us all into the vault and had us pose looking overworked and stressed out so that they could have a picture to use in a PowerPoint presentation for the registration meeting. We crammed eight of us on stools and ladders in the vault, using folders and buckets as props. Those with glasses cocked their glasses, and all of us tried to make over-the-top overworked expressions. Our college has grown by leaps and bounds since it's construction in the 1960's, so the once-spacious vault designed to hold admissions files is now crammed to the gills making it hard to file or retrieve files. I think this picture was done in comedic protest of how our many requests for more storage have not been fulfilled. I cannot wait to hear the reaction to the picture at the meeting.



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Oct. 31st, 2009 06:11 am (UTC)
I LOVE that hat on you and am still pining for a rabbity version myself. lol. No doubt you are always MUCH cuter than you think you are. ;-)

Did John tell you I have my blurple hair back again?? Funny how such an "unnatural" color can feel much more like my "natural" color. =}~

Did he give you the striped tights I left at your place?
Oct. 31st, 2009 06:16 pm (UTC)
I did get the stockings! They are really cool! Thanks bunches!

I meant to post a thank you that night, but didn't get online that night, and then time got away from me. I'm sorry!! I also meant to tell Raven when I saw him, but of course got distracted by something shiny. (Literally shiny - tinfoil!) I also forgot to give Redd a bunch of boxes, darn it. So I forgot everything that night.
Oct. 31st, 2009 06:16 pm (UTC)
Also - cannot wait to see your hair!!
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