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Yet again I am posting my to do lists for the past two days. Even if it's just to remind me that I can actually accomplish something when I get home from work despite my innate belief that I'm tired and deserve to relax on the couch. At least this time I'm putting them behind a cut. :)

Hall bathroom
1) Scrub toilet
2) Clear off counters
3) Wipe down counters
4) Wipe down shower
5) Sweep floor
Living Room
1) Vacuum rug
2) Set up Couch
3) Move my clothes into the bedroom (should be dry)
4) Wipe down tables
1) Put Chili on to simmer
2) Prepare cheese trey and appetizers
1) Make up bed
2) Clear a path
3) Put clothes in closet
Our bathroom
1) Paint little wall by bathtub
2) Paint second coat by bathtub
3) Move cardboard and rug somewhere?
4) Remove tape by tub – yay!

This one was shorter because my family was due to arrive around 6pm. I got everything on Wednesday's list done in just about two hours! AND I had a wonderful evening visiting with family. Monkeys on the other hand was having a horrible night. He made FOUR trips to Lowes trying to get the toilet installed and never succeeded. My uncle works for a hardware store, so when he got in we asked him about the problems Monkeys was having. He had some recommendations, and we think the toilet will be successfully installed this weekend.

1) Change clothes
2) Sort towels * Load of whites SET TIMER SOMEHOW
3) Bring in fish for dinner (while you are out there)
4) Finish loading dishwasher and run it
5) If hungry, eat apples.
6) Paint 2nd coat on small walls beside the small sink
7) Paint 2nd coat on WC door
8) Paint 2nd coat on small walls beside the big sink
9) Check on towels
10) Transfer chili to smaller containers so there’s room in the frig again 
11) Start veggies and fish (rest of carrots/rest of shrooms, pepper, broccoli)
12) Clean out frig! (get the handiwipes ready)
13) Put whites in dryer, do load of colored towels SET TIMER SOMEHOW
14) Take out trash
15) Put away dishes
16) Reload dishwasher
17) Bring boats and paint closer to a TV set ;) and fish out smaller brushes for detail work
18) Clean inside of big boat.
19) Paint boats
20) Remove tape from painted areas if possible
21) Fold laundry while watching Supernatural if possible
22) Put towels in dryer when possible *if* time, start another load
23) Shower
24) Lay out clothes for tomorrow

Toaster stopped in to drop something off for me and watch Supernatural. I managed to get everything on this list done except I didn't have time to start a third load of laundry. The boats are looking really good! I'm so excited! Oh - the boats are shelves to hold things. The big boat holds toilet paper rolls and books/candles. The smaller boats chold deodarent, facewash, etc. The bathroom has an ocean theme. Anyway, I expect I can hang them this weekend.

I think to-do lists are the way to go! I seem to be way more likely to focus and finish a task if I break it down like this. :)
Although I do miss LiveJournal and Facebook. :(

Tonight I'm going to my parents to hang out with my relatives again. Yay!
Acutally, double yay because that means I don't have a to do list for tonight!



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Oct. 28th, 2009 03:31 am (UTC)
It seems to me that you have timer setting issues.
May I suggest something like this to stick to the side of the dryer?
Oct. 28th, 2009 03:41 am (UTC)
I actually do use one a lot like that! LOL! We have the built in oven timer and another kind of fancy magnetic timer we stuck above the oven, but it's a lot like the one in your link. The washing machine/dryer themselves have a timers, but I don't always hear them as they are in the garage and I'm in the livingroom and am easily distracted and have a memory about as long as a goldfish. Anyway, normally it works out okay for doing laundry as there are a plethora of timers.

But I was concerned if I was needing a timer for the baking fish, a timer for the steaming vegetables, and a timer for the washer and a timer for the dryer that perhaps I would overlook something and was wishing for a fifth or sixth timer to make sure I didn't forget. Instead I yelled at myself on paper. :)

Although, perhaps you are right. Maybe I should have a fifth timer hidden away for crazy overloaded days.
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