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A Hard Day's Night

I was industriousness last night. Normally I sit on my butt in front of Facebook with the TV on when I get home from work, but last night I had a to-do list a mile long in preparation for my aunt and uncle coming over for dinner tonight. I’m actually rather proud of me. I’m showing my list off, darn it!

1) Change clothes
2) Start Chili
3) Start dinner - veggies & fish
4) Sort laundry – do dryer friendly clothes – SET A TIMER SOMEHOW
5) Paint second coat above the shower so that the tape can be removed from that section.
*) Check veggies, fish, and laundry – eat/pack lunch for tomorrow/dryer
6) Paint above other light feature (I give up)
*) Check veggies, fish, and laundry – eat/pack lunch for tomorrow/dryer
7) Paint remaining tub-wall.
*) Check veggies, fish, and laundry – eat/pack lunch for tomorrow/dryer
8) Dust and clean inside of cabinets and boats to prep for painting them
10) Paint accent wall
11) Put clothes in dryer!!!
12) Paint cabinets
13) Find shelf paper/lay out shelf paper? Store paint in the cabinets?
14) Make room in frig for chili and other foods for tomorrow
15) Put away boxes in Alice room with intentions to sift through later (sigh). See if Shelby will fit by closet.
16) Put painting supplies somewhere other than dining room table
17) Clean dining room table, set out tablecloth and dishes for tomorrow
18) Put away food when ready and put dishes in dishwasher – run regardless of how full
19) Take out trash and recyclables
20) Paint boats (remember to put name back on them when dry)
21) Fold laundry
22) Put away dishes
23) Take shower!!
24) Lay out clothes for work tomorrow

I got nearly the entire list done! I might have finished it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids. Or if I hadn’t have painted three other walls that weren’t on the list - the second coat around the tub walls and the remaining WC wall. Monkeys took out the trash, brought me my clothes from the dryer, and cleared off the table – so #s 17, 19, & 21 had a slight assist. Otherwise I did all but five items!! I didn’t finish #8 – I got to the boats but not the cabinets, so obviously it follows I didn’t get to #12/13. I attempted #15 but realized that would take up too much time, so it got partially done. I started on #20 but didn’t finish. So of the ones I didn’t do, I still made slight dents in them. Not too bad a night!



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Oct. 21st, 2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
I often clean by dumping everything in sight into a box or bag with the intention to sort it later. So my entire room right now is stacks of stuff in boxes and bags. I tried to start cleaning it Saturday in between studying, but you know that part of cleaning where it gets worse before it gets better? That's where I got stuck.

If I could get half that amount of stuff done between work and sleep, my life would be less shoved in boxes.
Oct. 22nd, 2009 01:40 am (UTC)
wow. That's a list of about a billion things!
I'm tired just from reading that.
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