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Wisconsin Photos 3 - Last Batch :)

Most were taken either on the way to Madison or on State Street for our "date day." The last two are at my sister-in-law's house while we were hanging out there before going to a family event. (One of the cutest babies in the world's first birthday party - I would post pictures of her, but 1) the internet would explode from cuteness and 2) I don't like posting pictures of other people's kids.)

You Are Here You Are Here
Being here is a lot like ... um ... being in DeForrest, actually.
Cow. Cow.
America's Dairyland.
Who Wouldn't Drink Here? Who Wouldn't Drink Here?
I'm sure the townsfolk were wondering why we parked, jumped out, took four or five pictures, then drove off. We were trying to visit the Westfield Candy Shop so Monkeys could get some disgusting candied raisons for himself and his sister, but the candy shop was closed. The Thirsty Beaver was open!
Lunch at the top of the world Lunch at the top of the world
State street had many tempting options. Two were Nepali! Monkeys had some sort of onion fritter soup dish with a salad and flat bread. I had a dal soup, a vegetable stew with cauliflower/carrots/peas/potatoes, and their version of flat bread. Oh, and their version of chai plus we each got a desert so we split rice pudding and some odd date thing that vaguely tasted like fruit cake. It was really good! State street shopping had a lot of incense shops and hippyesque stores, including loads of bumper stickers that said Free Tibet. After leaving lunch Monkeys commented "Free Tibet? That meal cost $35!"
Monkeys on State Street! Monkeys on State Street!
You can see the capital in the background. We had hoped to go on a tour of the capital, but we spent so much time at the gardens we had to cut that visit out. So next time, it's on!
Seriously, Watch Out Seriously, Watch Out
My brother-in-law has his own arsenal. He used to be a hunter, but now he only shoots photographs. He is still a big fan of firearms, however. I attempted the civilian version of the M16. That lake never knew what hit it. Yes, that's a Beatles shirt. I should have called this Happiness is a Warm Gun.
Cookies! Cookies!
Monkeys' sister baked for our trip! Pecan Shortbread, Double Double Chocolate, Cherry!Awesome, and something like Haystacks but with chocolate and marshmallows. YUM!


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Oct. 11th, 2009 05:30 am (UTC)
Nice photo of you plinking with the rifle. Been thinking about picking up a .223 for Sarah to play with as well.
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