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If Tim Burton Designed Plants If Tim Burton Designed Plants
They would look like this.
I'm on a bridge, Charlie! I'm on a bridge, Charlie!
Going on an adventure!! This is the path to the Thai garden. :)
Ouch! Ouch!
I would say that he's monkeying around... One of the statues near the Thai gardens.
Thai Pavilion Thai Pavilion
Ommmmmmmmmmmm - Can you see me sitting in lotus position?
Reflecting pool at the Thai Garden Reflecting pool at the Thai Garden
This building was donated by the Thai alumni of the University of Wisconsin. It's covered in gold, so there were signs everywhere saying "DO NOT TOUCH" but we still got to run around inside.
Monkeys Squared Monkeys Squared
My attempt at an artsy shot.
Black Eyed Susans, of a sort Black Eyed Susans, of a sort
I couldn't find a name tag for this flower. How incredibly cool looking is it?!??
Love in Bloom Love in Bloom
We took over 200 pictures at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison. That place was awesome! It seemed to stretch for miles with many themed gardens. Inside they had a tropical conservatory and for October they had a quilt exhibit. I would have loved a picture of both of us where you could also see flowers, but my arms were not long enough.
My pretties! My pretties!
Okay, I have a little regret about salting the earth in front of our house at this moment. But our yard would never look like this, so I'm sure we made the right decision.
The Rose Garden The Rose Garden
There weren't really a lot of roses, but it was still really lovely.
In an English Garden In an English Garden
I thought this was the Rose Garden, but there weren't a lot of roses around. Still, it looked very British and had some amazing collections of flowers.
I'm Old Gregg! I'm Old Gregg!
Weeping willows are pretty much my favoritest tree ever.
Where are the elephants? Where are the elephants?
Wow, the Great A'Tuin turned out to be really tiny! (While walking to the waterfalls I found a little turtle! Oh -that's Monkeys' hand, not mine.)
They Didn't Say Keep Of the Grass They Didn't Say Keep Of the Grass
At the sunken garden. :)
Don't be Koi! Don't be Koi!
Inside the tropical conservatory. It felt like Florida in there - I was way hot in my sweaters!

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