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Okay, so remember I said they were starting on our bathroom on Monday?

We got home from Wisconsin today around 4:30 (woot) to find FIVE messages on our answering machine from Lowes. One was from last Saturday - the voice saying they were in our front yard trying to deliver the tile and where were we. After several attempts at calling Lowes and the contractor on a Friday evening we discovered there was a mix up in communication and the contractors are coming TOMORROW at nine. So Lowes is now set to deliver the tile tomorrow, and for the last three hours we have been frantically trying to prep the bathroom, our bedroom, and our house for tomorrow.

I am soooooo tired.

I was so looking forward to a relaxing evening after the long drive home. We were even discussing plans for Saturday/Sunday in prepping the house and moving stuff from our bedroom to the Alice room while they are working etc. on the ride home. When we thought we had two days, it seemed pretty easy... It is NOT. Well, not when you are down to one night.

I have the bathroom now emptied. I also have moved outfits for work into the Alice room in case we are there for longer than expected. Monkeys is taking out the cabinets right now while I type this out. Then I'm off to work on clearing space in our bedroom for them to work THEN to the Alice room for us to sleep for the next few days, THEN finish unpacking. Oh, and I've started on laundry. :)

On the bright side, originally we tried to talk the contractors into starting on Saturday so that we could be home while they worked, but they said they didn't work weekends. So we mentally reorganized for them starting on Monday, psychologically prepared for dealing with work and house issues (sleeping in a different room/not having access to our usual dressing area/etc.), and made plans for my parents to be up here while they worked since we couldn't take leave. Now it seems like they will be working Saturday through Tuesday, which means my parents will only be up here one day, and our work schedules will only be out-of-sorts for one or two days!

Oh noes. Monkeys just came out and said he can't fully take out the cabinets w/o shutting off the water, which he can't do until tomorrow. So we are stalled out on that.

I guess I am off to clean as he's done with the room! Wish me luck!



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Oct. 10th, 2009 03:27 am (UTC)
YAY! I'm glad you guys are home. Florida is totally un-balanced and off-kilter when you guys aren't here!

Soon you'll have your bathroom back! You've been waiting for this for-EVER! It's going to be SO awesome when it's finished. I can't wait to see!!

Oh, and also yay for cheese curd! =o)
Oct. 10th, 2009 04:00 am (UTC)
We have so much cheese curd! I have a bag for my office, one for John's, one just for Brenda (the one who threw money at me the day I left), one just for Rhonda who apparently did the same thing to John, ONE JUST FOR MATT, one for my dad, one for Gathering, and one for Monkeys - LOL! We also bought a new cheese tray thing and some weirdo cheeses, coffees, and some kind of sausage. Oh, and cow pies. (I got those for my dad, too. ;)

I can't wait for it to be all over with - I hate this kind of stuff. At least the contractor is really nice. :)
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