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NyQuil and Rain Showers

I have come to the decision that for a trip to be truly perfect something must go wrong. Otherwise how would you know how great the good stuff is if you have nothing bad to compare it to? So bring on the rain and mud!!! I had a blast at the Renaissance Faire.

6/2/05 I'm editing this because i've noticed some disturbing punctuation...

Were it not for supergoober I would never know the rhyme for "orange". Joni Minstrel is the most brilliant person I know and no one can protest that. 3/4 Ale rocked! I am always impressed and inspired by yamguitar's playing. They all did a super job of hosting the pub sings – which were my happiest times of the weekend. I have decided I'm going to marry Blackshear the Curious (except I'm already happily married, so maybe I'll just buy a bouzouki…) I think the Lost Boys are even better in small places like the Wedding Tent or dragon booth, they seem to rise to the challenges and adversity. But I don't ever want to see them in their PJ's again. Ever. I love the Mud Slingers show! And was it ever muddy. I felt bad for them in the cold, but they carried on valiantly and hysterically. I'm going to marry all three of them. Our new amazing discovery this visit was the washer women. Eureka has an amazingly expressive face. I can't wait to drag John to see them next time. The other major discovery of the festival was the chocolate covered strawberries. Some of the sweetest moments (other than the strawberries) were getting to give supergoober the poem I wrote for her, seeing the camaraderie amongst the performers (Blackshear playing with supergoober; Blackshear playing with 3/4 Ale; Charles's performance of Leave Her Johnny with Mickle-A-Do which brought tears to my eyes; and how much everyone was enjoying each other at the pub sings with their sincere toasts and wicked slams), and getting to see people I don't get to see very often. Toaster and I bought mugs this visit just so we’d have something to toast you all with at the end of the pub-sing. But possibly the best part of the weekend was Sir Guy forcing the peasants from the mud pit to compliment us. I feel like a co-joined star shining bright in the sky and a page in a book that is the best page you've ever read except when you get the next page and find that it is even better, this book being a really good book with a real storyline, a story so good that when you finish the book you cannot open it and read it again because you realized you are not worthy of reading the book... disbandedtoastr and I have decided to go around complimenting people at the top of our lungs. There's not enough of that going on in Florida!

John wanted me to call this When It Rains It PostNasal Drips. I am feeling much better despite standing in the rain with a cold. And my supervisor gave me a bunch of wintergreen flavored cough drops that actually taste good. They haven't realy stopped the cough, but I've enjoyed consuming them. Love to all.


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Jun. 2nd, 2005 07:49 am (UTC)
Wow, sounds awesome. I've only been to one small ren fair in san destin once, with melody. It was cool. I def am goign to do more of the folk stuff at Dragon Con this year. Maybe we can join up.
Jun. 2nd, 2005 08:30 pm (UTC)
It was so awesome! Much better than the Pensacola faire. Next year maybe we can get the whole gang to go. There's more to do than I even put in my little blurb but I figured what I wrote was long enough. I hope to post some pictures eventually.

Have you ever been to the filk room at Dragoncon? It's kind of folky sometimes. I've seen some of the performers from GARF at Dragoncon as well - 3/4 Ale and the Lost Boys both played there.
Jun. 2nd, 2005 08:10 am (UTC)
Joni Minstrel is the most brilliant person I know and no one can protest that.

Dude, stop that! (I mean, say it again.) No, stop it!


I honestly don't even know how to react to a compliment like that. Thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed the things you heard and saw. That is why we're there, and it is a great feeling when we succeed in making someone smile (especially someone whose smile is as pretty and infectious as yours).
Jun. 6th, 2005 06:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the ren fair was a BLAST! I wouldn't get know how cool people really were (ie,Supergoober, yamguitar, and Brett Blackshear)if it werent for Lady Red's ablility to TALK to people and make sense! I get to ride on her coat-tails and pretend I'm all cool like that too! =o)
Yeah! I'm going to marry the mud pit people too! (Side note to Lady Red: They are SO on the island! Specially the cute long haired one!)

LADY RED! You've got to practice that mandolin! THAT'S WHAT'S HOLDING UP OUR TOUR!!! ( And I promise to practice more too...)
Jun. 6th, 2005 07:36 pm (UTC)
Ha! Do I have you fooled or what. I don't so much talk as babble. We so need a bigger island :D

I haven't practiced since last Thursday! Maybe if my class finishes early tomorrow? (HA! Like that will happen...argh. last week we stayed to nearly 9 pm. Actually I'm having them write goals and I'm giving them the option of staying in class after the lecture/group projects and writing them with the remaining class time or taking it home and doing it at home. So it might happen, I figure most of them will opt to take it home... But I bet they'd finish faster if they did it in class in the "sit up straight" desks w/o homelife interuptions.) Besides, who am I kidding -- I'll go home and straight to bed.
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