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I could write and write and write about the MST people. *sigh* So much love. :)
I got to do two of the MST3K events at the con.

We made it to the Cinematic Titanic showing of Blood of the Vampire. OH MY GOSH. It was beyond funny. The movie was horrible (Philippine production set in 19th century Mexico and then dubbed into English and using what would now be very politically incorrect casting), but that made for excellent and cutting riff-lines. They were at their absolute best with this one, I think. I can't do it justice, so I'm giving a link to a better review. Several friends came with us, which always makes me nervous because if they don't have fun then I feel awful, but they were gasping and laughing as loudly as I was - so woot!!! After the movie, Trace, Frank, and MaryJo did a short panel and took questions then signed autographs. They were super nice with the questions. Someone messed up "Best Brains" when asking about old props and the audience booed. Frank yelled out, "Yes! Let's curse him for making a slight mistake!" That stopped the booing in it's tracks. Go Frank! :) Since I got my picture with them last year, it was Monkey's turn to pose this year. We had a bunch of stuff to sign - a film canister, a chunk of Deep 13 (since all three were down in Deep 13 on the show), my MST3K official fan book, and the two DVDs we bought there. I almost made it out of there w/o embarrassing myself. Somehow Trace managed to cut himself opening one of the DVDs to sign and apologized for bleeding on my stuff. I said "that's okay, I can clone you now" as a joke, but I'm not sure it came across that way. (Like I have the technology and knowledge to clone anyway! ... Does anyone, by the way?) Yeah. I'm a creepy stalker. But he's still so cute!!!!

They don't LOOK evil.... They don't LOOK evil....
Last year I got my picture with Trace Beaulieu, so this year it was Monkey's turn to get pictures with the MST3K/Cinematic Titanic crew. I was very pleased that this year I only made one crazy stalker comment to Mr. Beaulieu. (Who I will marry some day, darn it.) Also in the picture are Mary Jo Pehl and TV's Frank Conniff (head writer for the Invader Zimm cartoon). Oh - and this isn't the best picture of Trace. He's actually still really, really cute despite the fact he looks a bit dazed in this shot. He was probably still reeling from my comment about cloning him. Frank Approves! *sigh* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trace_Beaulieu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Jo_Pehl http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Conniff
Deeeeep Hurting! Deeeeep Hurting!
In 2007 or so when he heard that Keven Murphy and Michael J. Nelson were coming to Dragoncon, Monkeys used his mad graphic skills to make a sticker for a film canister for autographs. Over the years as MST3K alumni have attended the con we have collected additional signatures. Last year we got Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, and Frank Conniff, there promoting their current venture Cinematic Titanic, to sign. This year Trace and Frank returned with Mary Jo Pehl, so she signed as well. Also attending this year was Bill Corbett, who took over for Trace Beaulieu when he left the show. Corbett is now a part of Mike and Kevin's RiffTracks. When he saw Trace's doodle of Crow T Robot agreeing to marry me, Bill giggled. The coolest thing is that every one of them praised the canister - both the idea of it and the implementation. So big props to Monkeys! At this point I think we only need to get J. Elvis Weinstein, Jim Mallon, and Paul Chaplin to have all the major players. Or at least the ones I remember by name. :)

The other MST3K event we made it to was the Crow verses Crow panel. SO MUCH FUN! Even waiting in the line was fun because we got to chat with Mysties, run lines and share favorite episodes. :) :) :) When we got in there, we found out the entire panel was being taped so that it could be included as a bonus feature for some future MST3K video. Woot! I will get to hear the entire panel again some day! It started with a series of clips of "Best Crow Moments" where the audience laughed and occasionally recited along with the screen. Trace and Bill were both really nice - both to each other and to the fans' questions. I was really pleased to see how well they got along since Trace is with Joel & Cinematic Titanic and Bill is with Mike & Riff Tracks. Both seemed to have no problems with each other, but possibly problems with Jim Mallon. Consequently, I'm optimistic about cross-group events or reunions! The panel was actually really well focused. It was dedicated solely to Crow - how he was created, where the robot design came from and how it changed/improved over time, how Trace developed the personality, how Bill was hired for the role, how Bill reformed the personality, etc. It was really funny listening to both of them talk about how difficult Crow was to puppet & how lucky Kevin Murphy was. There was also a hysterical story about taking Crow home for the weekend. At one point Frank Conniff answered a question on their behalf, but before answering Frank pretended to be a fan and asked a crazy question himself. Both Trace & Bill were giggling throughout Frank's question - I'm assuming it was a mishmosh of the bizarre dedicated questions they do get. Trace's answer was "It was a secret message just for you, sir." Probably an answer he would love to give to rabid fans in real life. I tried to find some information on the panel; this is the official announcement of it's plans to appear on an upcoming video release: Satellite News talk of the Crow versus Crow Panel and this is another fan's synopsis of the panel with a picture. After the panel Both stayed for a wee bit to pose with pictures of anyone who brought a bot, so we trapped Bill Corbett to ask when he was signing autographs next. He said he was done with that, but he offered to sign our can right there!! How nice of him!! He would have posed for a picture, too, but we knew he was busy, so we didn't press.

There were a few other MST panels and events I missed. Next year I'm going to stay for the entire Gonzo Flim Festival, as they are usually a part of that.

EDIT - one more picture

A Murder of Crows! A Murder of Crows!
That's Bill Corbett holding the globe, Trace Beaulieu giving someone an autograph, and an actual realeo-trueleo Crow from the show. Trace brought it for the panel. There are also an assortment of fanbots and fans up there waiting for photos and autographs.


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Sep. 15th, 2009 06:33 am (UTC)
How cool! I'm jealous. Chris and I are looking into getting a couple of the Rifftrax things.
Sep. 15th, 2009 11:39 am (UTC)
I like their system! I like how they do more recent movies, too.

I think someone asked Trace if he ever wanted to riff on the newer releases instead of the old and awful movies CT gets, and in response Bill Corbett said he actually missed getting to riff the older stuff. It was a sweet moment. (He also invited Trace to guest on Riff Tracks.)
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