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We went to a Terry Gilliam panel where he showed clips from and discussed his upcoming movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. The movie looks like it will be truly fantastic - visually stunning with a glorious story. (See video clip at the very bottom.) Anyway, at the panel he talked a lot about what went into making the movie - I taped most of that part, pausing during the airing of the clips. Then he took questions. One of the questions was asked by zarathud, who won something. I am working on getting videos up and out. Anyway Gilliam was incredibly friendly and enthusiastic, and we enjoyed the panel very much. I do remember a lot of his stories and can share...

The next day we went to a Monty Python panel by Gilliam and Innes, which I found fascinating. It was a a not-so-Tragical History Tour of Innes and Gilliam's induction into Python and what they did there. I kind of knew some of the history from books/shows I'd seen on Python, but it was interesting hearing them describe their friends' personalities, some of their exploits, how they got together, how they got popular, how the got to America, and especially how laid back the BBC was about what they put on the air. Apparently they worked for a kids show at one point, and one of the show's "bits" was "And here's a naked man in a chair!" Unfortunately, what I remember most is an Orson Wells clip. Thankfully I taped as much of the panel as I could. OH-the panel was late starting so audience members got pulled up on stage to entertain us. One had a squeaking breast and the second did yo-yo tricks to rival Tommy Smothers. And at the end of the panel Terry gave the complete Python to the first person who could tell how many syllables were in the title of his new movie. Inspired by syllables, Innes recited a funny haiku then gave another Complete MP to the first person who could name the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band's first album.

FInally, we went to see Neil Innes play songs from his new album. At the end of that he came back for an encore and played Brave Brave Sir Robin and another song from Holy Grail that never made it into the movie. Then he made my night by doing a medley of songs from The Rutles!!!! Squeeeeeeeeee!! Afterwards he was selling CDs. We bought one, which he autographed along with my Rutles DVD. He even posed with me for a picture. I believe I told him I loved him and babbled a bit, which he graciously accepted. Then, when I wished him a safe flight home he thanked me and KISSED ME ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!! (On our way out we also passed Adam Savage from Mythbusters, the cast of MST3K's Cinematic Titanic, and Jackson Publick - who called Monkeys over to talk to him since he remembered Monkeys from previous cons. They were just hanging out for the show cuz they are cool like that.)

Neil Innes plays ukulele, too. Neil Innes plays ukulele, too.
Waiting in line for the Neil Innes/Terry Gilliam Monty Python panel. John played ukulele while Lori played Gravulous. Monkeys was working on "I'm a Lumberjack" :)

Am I In Love? I must be in love! Am I In Love? I must be in love!
Ever seen the Rutles?!?! Dirk Nasty was played by Neil Innes. He also did the music for it. Oh - and he was the guy singing Brave Brave Sir Robin in MP & the Holy Grail. Sooooooooooo cute in the Rutles movie. Seriously - check out some pictures of him from the 60's. *sigh* Anyway, not only was he super sweet to sign my Rutles DVD, he kissed me on the top of my head. Squeeeeeeeeee!

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