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You will be adored

Yay! Thursday I got my copy of Sleepyhead by The Brothers Creeggan. They are the bass player from Barenaked Ladies and his brother (Jim and Andy Creeggan - Andy was a member of BNL from 90-95) in case you didn't know. I figured it was about time I listed to some of their individual projects so I could appreciate more what each of them bring to the band. Today the Kevin Hearn/Thin Buckle CD I ordered came in, but I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

Anyway, too sleepy to write a real review of the CD but too happy not to mention it's arrival. I meant to yesterday, but we were over playing with Tammy & Shawn's new baby boy Ian. Soooooo tiny!!!!

Today was my first chance to listen to the CD (to and from work) - so I've only gotten to listen to the songs once. So far my favorite song is either Sometimes or Rocking Chair. Sometimes reminds me so much of Paul Simon's Darling Lorraine or The Teacher - it would fit right in on the Your The One CD. Awesome song. And Rocking Chair kind of reminds me of Good Ole Shoe from the movie Wag the Dog. Not sure why, but it really makes me happy. I could picture Brothers Creeggan singing it with Garrison Keeler, too. :)

Love to all. Sleep tight, Sleepyheads.


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