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Okay, Dragoncon in 19 days!! Jeepers! I'm so unprepared!

My pirate corset is actually one Libra bought, discovered the pokey bottom bit wouldn't work in her chair, and sold to me (she tried to give it to me, but those things are expensive & I would have felt like I was taking advantage of a friend). Libra's a bit tinier than me, so it's not really my size. Honestly, I need one size up, but I went online and got really long shoelaces. The point here is, I have to stay my weight if I want to be a pirate. So I had planned to go back on strict Weight Watchers for the month of August...

But today I let Dad pick our lunch location instead of our usual Subway, and Dad had a coupon to McDonalds. I get 20 points a day. At lunch I had 22 points. (I also had a 2 point breakfast...) So basically before noon I had exceeded my points for the day. *sigh* LOL! I told my coworker for dinner tonight I could have lettuce and air.

Slight exaggeration, there are actually quite a lot of zero point foods. Unfortunately they are all vegetables, but whatever. That caramel sundae with nuts was totally worth it.

Anyway - Monkeys and I practiced Thriller tonight, he's up to section three, so that's good review for me. I tackled section 7 today and OMG it's hard. I'm hoping that counts as exercise.

I've also pulled out some clothes for the con to see what I have premade because I'm not up to making anything new this year. I need to find a better shirt for my Tenth Doctor AND convince Monkeys to dress as Rose this year. It's a lot more fun when he's dressed up, too. Plus, w/o him as Rose I'm just another suit. :)



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Aug. 14th, 2009 12:21 pm (UTC)
There are plenty of times I'd choose well prepared squash over ice cream.
Aug. 14th, 2009 11:45 pm (UTC)
I cannot envision a day when I would ever pick squash over ice cream. :)
Although, if you have a good squash recipe feel free to share!
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