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I was very pleased I managed to get up and dressed and off to church this morning after a late night and sick morning. Father C had a really good message, and I felt really useful because the people sitting next to me were visitors. They even thanked me for helping them find the songs in the Missal and with lining up for the Eucharist. It was nice to help someone else after all the help I had be given with my similar "what do I do here?!?!?" moments. Plus, going into mass someone from Catechism greeted me and her daughter complimented me on my shoes; after mass a few other people chatted with me for a few moments. I was feeling really connected and happy as I made me way to the doors. Then I noticed the narthex was really crowded. It was flooding and people were gathering inside or right outside the doors watching the sheets of rain and muttering - the things people do when deciding to try for their cars or wait it out.

I hesitated for a second then jumped out into the rain with a slightly subdued "wheeeeeeeeeee," and slogged my way half running/half skipping and full on giggling my way to my car. OLV's parking lot is grass and dirt, and I was in canvas converse hightops, so the first time I left concrete and sank into the ground I let out another "wheeee" and a giggle as the water squished in to soak my socks. I played rainy BNL songs on the way home, smiling the whole way.

It was such a happy beautiful moment - that first step into the rain. Felt like a perfect morning.

Then I hugged Monkeys so that he would look a bit like a drowned rat, too. Took a shower, put on flannel PJ's and a fluffy big robe, and have been crossstitching and watching Criminal Intent. Today rocks.


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Aug. 9th, 2009 11:35 pm (UTC)
I love jumping into the rain! Although maybe not here... a little cold.

We are watching Criminal Intent too.
Aug. 10th, 2009 01:16 am (UTC)
Perhaps it was one of those water spiders that live in or around the bathtub. You kill one of those, and it brings down the wrath of the sky spiders.
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