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I am completely in love with Cat Deeley

I have always admired her on the show because she truly seems to care about the contestants. (And about people in general, really.)

I mean, she's a great host because she always seems to know what to say, she's quick, and she doesn't get flustered. But more than that, she's really sincere. I believe everything she says. She's there for the kids when they get a bad (but honest and constructive) review to boost them up and she celebrates completely when they get over-the-top reviews. Plus, she dresses insanely cool, so she's already a great host.

But she seems to really care about the people she's working with. It shines from her eyes and rings in her voice. I also love that she laughs a lot. And oh my gosh when she was talking to the 7 year-old who lost his tooth doing a back flip off a couch, SHE WAS JUST FREAKING ADORABLE. I'm not sure what a girl crush is, but whatever it is I have one on her.


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Aug. 7th, 2009 02:18 am (UTC)
I've seen her on Who wants to be a millionaire, and she's completely adorable. helps that she's got one of those huge-mouthed smiles and a beautiful grin.

Aug. 8th, 2009 12:15 am (UTC)
still obsessing over my girl crush :)
Yes! She's actually a rather odd looking girl - not classically pretty by any means. But she has an amazing smile and a lovely personality that just shines like a star, which makes her beautiful. Plus, she must be a million feet tall. I have yet to see someone on the show be the same height as her. That stature (sp?) makes her stand out, too.

I wish I could have seen her on millionaire! I'd like to see what she's like outside of SYTYCD. :)
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