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Head Above Water


I love my new office - my windows kick ass. I can't describe how beautiful the rain was as it flooded our parking lot and bounced crazily off the cars. Plus, serious lighting flashing all over. Oh - and best of all, it was funny watching the students gathering around the edge of the breezeway looking for the moment to run to their cars. When the thunder crashed I could see them JUMP. Ha!! I thought I even saw a branch break, but I think it just was bending funny in the wind. Then, around 3 or so the power went out. I was able to keep working by the meager light from my windows, which was a relief because I cannot afford to lose any time right now. Around 4 we were actually allowed to go home, despite our advertised hours being open until 6. Thank God I had printed out transcripts and degree audits on all the "AA No's" earlier in the day, so I was not dependent on computers or access to records.

Good news: This morning I was able to finish going through the BS Education folders and at least check through people who were enrolled during the summer (the most likely to actually meet admissions requirements or expect contact). I also talked to the BSE Advisor today, and she agreed that anyone else could be done at a later date. Should any of those people think they are ready for admissions, it was up to them to contact *us* to trigger an earlier review of their file. AWESOME.

Gooder news: I was able to go through all 96 of the AA no's today (working late and based on the printed transcripts). So tomorrow I just need to follow up on my notes of things to check when we have system access, but at least the major review work is done. I am seriously hoping to actually finish the review before lunch tomorrow so that Bree can progress to the next stage of AA autograd posting. Woot! My other major graduation responsibility is manually posting graduations once the certifying officers finish their reviews. As busy as it is in our office, I don't expect the people working on the AAS/AS and certificates will finish tomorrow (I don't think they are as crazy as me to print this stuff out) - so I am very hopeful that I'll have the afternoon free to actually catch up on everything that has piled up on my desk. OMG THE STUFF THAT HAS PILED UP ON MY DESK ARGH!!

Not Good: My in basket may have reached critical mass. I cannot wait to bluster through some of that stuff. I know there are three BSE folders in their with transcripts to evaluate, and I expect those students are desperate to know if they can enroll for fall. I don't quite know what else is in there, but it's stacked up pretty high. I know there are several new applications. It irritates me more than it should to get an application to a bachelor's program a mere 19 days from classes starting. I had to have my application in months in advance to attend university. Today I had a girl call me on her cell phone as she was leaving University of West Florida to get directions to my office to pick up an application to our education program. She said she tried to apply to UWF, but they told her their deadline had passed. Then she asked if she took classes with us this semester, could she transfer them to UWF - which sounds like she was planning on using our lack of admissions deadline to get one semester under her belt while continuing to try to get into UWF.

Crazy: This is good and bad. For some reason I've been selected to sit on a hiring committee! I don't know what all I'm allowed to say about it, but this is a really big honor for me. Also, it's something I have never done before, so it's exciting. Unfortunately, all the meetings and interviews and reviews will be going on in the next couple of weeks - during registration, graduation, and admissions to the bachelors programs craziness. Everything happens at once, right? I already warned the BSE advisor that I would be away from my desk for significant amounts of time over the next few weeks, and I will be warning the other two program advisors probably tomorrow after I get my desk in better shape so that I at least feel like they are in good shape before I tell them how things will probably be falling behind. :) Friday is our first committee meeting, so I'm looking forward to meeting the others on the committee and finding out what on earth my responsibilities will be.



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Aug. 6th, 2009 01:41 am (UTC)
Yeah, the weather was awesomely lightning-ey today!

Sounds like you got through a TON of work today! YAY!!

Oh and also... Cool! Now you can hire me for something! =o)
Aug. 6th, 2009 02:59 am (UTC)
LOL! Can't wait to tell you about it.
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