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Long Post About Life

I have had an outstanding weekend so far!

First, I got to put my car in the shop to have the A/C finally fixed. Even though my warranty has finally expired, they still covered it since they ordered the part while it was under. (And probably because they were the ones who most likely broke it AND it took them two months to get back to me about the part. I think they forgot about me. I still adore them; they are lovely people.) While it was in, they also did an oil change and fixed my headlight. I dropped it off at 8 in the morning and got it back at 5 that evening. In the meantime, the plan was to hang out with my parents.

Plans change! Thursday night my cousin IM'd me saying she had to go to P'cola for work on Friday and could we meet for lunch. She lives in Tally, so I don't get to see her often. I was concerned about the timing, and I started babbling about cars and parents. She said "Well, my parents just got off the phone with your parents, and they are going to be visiting them tomorrow." I promptly called Mom to make sure they could still pick me up from the dealership, and we worked out modified plans for everyone (both sets of parents, me, Jay, Jay's kids) to meet up for lunch. It was a blast! I hung out all morning shopping with my moms, then we all met up in Destin for lunch followed by more window shopping. It was an awesome visit, loads of laughing and silliness. I was giving the kids horrible advice with a mostly straight face - after all, a godmother should look after their futures. We also had a bunch of crazy storms and awful traffic due to several (nonlethal) accidents, which caused additional hilarious conversations. I miss my family!

That evening we had dinner/movie plans with a friend. She brought along one of her friends who had driven up from South Florida and who turned out to be wicked funny. When I am more alert I should post more about her. Meanwhile I had sushi and got to watch Pass the Ammo & Saved.

Saturday I got to reunite with one of my best friends from high school. We reconnected thanks to Facebook, and I've been having a blast writing Shakespearean limericks and top ten lists with her. She carved out two hours of her time visiting relatives to have lunch with us at a local Greek restaurant. Again, there was tons of laughter and catching up and meeting the husbands and her adorable daughter.

After lunch, Monkeys and I went TV shopping. I think they guy we bought it from may actually outgeek Monkeys. Well, in some areas. We were there for maybe 2 hours, and only 30 minutes of it was spent buying the tv. The rest was a geekfest explosion. (In conversation we discovered he knew one of Monkey's fellow AF EOD guys.)

Tonight we have the Sat Night Gang over for Supernatural. We just finished watching four episodes. Now we are doing Garth M's Dark Place. So a perfect day!

Tomorrow my parents are coming up to watch that last Ms Marple again, because none of us had a clue about what was going on.


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