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I am so full.

Mom and Dad and I went to Cinnabons for breakfast. We got three coffees and two cinnamon rolls and split them between us. Then we wandered around the mall for a wee bit to make our way to World Market where I spent waaaaaaaaay too much money. But tomorrow night we shall have a cookies and spread party! I'm so excited! Then we went to a place called Mediterranean Plus. Mom got a hummus/falafel platter (Raven's falafel is better) and chicken curry soup. I had an amazing chicken over hummus dish and red lentil soup - and I was nice and brought half of it home for Monkeys. Dad had a chicken kabab sandwich and actually liked it. He also tried some of Mom's and mine and liked ours, so maybe we can convert him after all. Then we walked across the shopping complex to an International Food Market where I managed to spend even more money on stuff I thought Monkeys would like. Also, the owner forced food on you. I felt like we sampled half the store. Next trip we're just going to eat there. If you go to Pensacola, than you should go to this store - Four Winds. But be prepared to buy a lot of stuff. Not only is it good stuff that sells itself anyway, the owner and his minions are pushy in a hysterical way. **begin crazy greek accent**You try this! Dates and walnuts healthy food. You can live forever on dates and walnuts. Imported. We ship thousands. You try! You try! **/end crazy greek accent**. Then he would just reach into a vat of dates with one hand and a vat of walnuts with the other, shove them together like a magician, then shove them at you all the while nonstop yelling about the benefits of dates. All of a sudden up pops a minion saying "WAIT, try it with this cheese on top!!" while smearing some amazing almond cheese on another date/walnut combo and pushing that at you. Mom bought dates. I bought almond cheese. I ALMOST BOUGHT A CASE OF WINE. I don't even drink wine. But after turning down two minions, a third minion hit me up after I'd just sampled some sort of chicken salad and a piece of smoked gouda (that he called greata) and being now thirsty I was weak. It was good. He asked, should I bring you a bottle? I said yes. Mom and Dad, who also don't drink wine, raised their eyebrows and tried to stop me. Then *they* tasted the wine, raised their eyebrows even higher, and admitted it was really good wine. That's when the minions started pushing the deal on the case.

We made it home just in time for them to get me to French Quarter Grill to meet Monkeys and Rosa for dinner. I was still really full, so thankfully we did dinner home style where everyone put their plates in the middle of the table, so I got to sample a few bites of our favorite dishes. Then we went back to her place to watch Forbidden Kingdom. Now I'm supposed to be cleaning, but so far I've just managed to put in a load of laundry, set of dishes, and put a tablecloth on the dining room table. Now I'm watching tv.

Seth Green was on Conan tonight. He is beyond adorable. Best smile ever and such a cute laugh. If I were at all clever I would have taped Conan for screen caps of his smile. He did some WWF wrestling thing - HA!! And if you buy the Robot Chicken DVD you get an advance ticket to attend the traveling Robot Chicken Tour Bus and roller skate with Seth Green and the Robot Chicken crew!!!!! Now it's Craig. I wish I didn't work and could watch him every night. :)


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Jul. 19th, 2009 03:48 am (UTC)
All I can picture is the bazaar scene in Aladdin. "Dates! Fresh Dates!"
Jul. 19th, 2009 11:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Aladdin

Whenever you guys visit next, *if* we have time (because there's never enough time) we should try to get a field trip and have everyone go up there to experience that store. :)
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