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blather blather blather

Two cookies.
A scoop of banana pudding.
A slice of Mud slide pie.


Today was an up and down day.

I have to say my coworkers are awesome. The Restock the Kitchen party was phenomenal. Everyone really stepped up (with the food and the gifts). Plus, we managed to actually surprise her despite her walking into my office before I could hide my bags, into Charlotte's office with three coworker's gift bags on the floor, and then back into my office while Karyn was showing me what she brought. She didn't even notice - ha!

Considering my lunch (in addition to all the deserts I also had broccoli salad, green salad, and fruit salad, so there was a bit of healthy food consumption) I am trying to subsist entirely on coffee and dance dance revolution tonight. Except it's SYTYCD night - so I'm on a break.

LOOK - I swiped a SYTYCD icon and the creator even agreed not to disembowel me for my thievery.
I'm missing the RetroModern's recap posts.
The opening dance tonight was beautiful. I would so buy this show if they sold it on DVD.
I am so glad Ade didn't go home.
I'm 75% sure I will get to take tap dance this fall. :) Monkeys said we probably won't do pottery, so that leaves me open. If I can get my courage up, I will at some point try ballet or modern.

Tomorrow my parents are coming up and we're going to P'cola to hit the World Market, a Greek restaurant my coworker raved about, an international food market my coworker also raved about, and Hobby Lobby so that I can try to replicate a painting I saw at Target. I took a million pictures of it with Monkeys' phone. Then we're kidnapping a friend who was in a car accident. She's been homebound for weeks (we've been periodically bringing her pizza and forcing her to watch Black Books) and has finally been cleared to ride in a car - so we're taking her to our favorite restaurant. It's the place the three of us always went to to eat when she was home visiting, so we're really excited about it - tradition and all. OMG THE FOOD. We've mimicked a few of their dishes. I should post recipes. SO GOOD.

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