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Life Stuff (long post)

For anyone who actually uses this to keep track of me since I suck at writing real letters and only seem to manage a newsletter once a year now... Or possibly just for me as a kind of diary.

Work is alternating between crazy and there. Registration started today, so we're getting the busloads of people and enough paperwork to overrun a landfill. We are also shorthanded because there's been some real tragedy in our office. One person fell and broke some ribs (he's still been coming in half days), one person fell and broke an elbow (she's still coming in to work), one person is out having surgery this week, one is in and out because her daughter and her husband are going through medical issues, another lost her brother, and of course there's my coworker who's house burnt down the other week (she's back at work). Anyway, since we are at least one person and occasionally three people down, periodically I've been having to work the counter instead of my job. I am glad to help, but it does seriously impact my job and it's hard! OMG the phone never stops ringing and there *is* such a thing as a stupid question. :)

July 5th/Sunday was my godson's baptism! He did great. There was a reception after the mass, so I got to reunite with my friend's family - some of whom I hadn't seen since her wedding. I've known them since 9th grade, and I have lots of happy memories around their dining room table. :)

July 9th/Thursday was a coworker's 30th birthday. They "Over The Hilled" her office, several of us baked brownies (her favorite), and we all dressed in black. Other than the brownies, she was *not* happy.Then we had a power outage for 4 hours, so we got to just sit around in the darkness and chat. At one point I jumped in Karyn's office, yelled "I've had nothing to eat today but 3 brownies", did a Sugar Rush jig in the doorway, and ran away. Another time Carolina was singing a birthday song about Karyn and the moon with accompanying elaborate hand motions, but Karyn wouldn't come out of her office, so after every line Carolina would pause and yell at her "Hey, I'm singing to you here!" Finally, at the end of the song Karyn suddenly burst from her office in a single jump, landing like a gymnist, and yelled, "It's Karyn!" After work we went out for drinks, except I was driving so I had yellowfin tuna sushimi. Karyn is possibly my favoritest person on the planet because she makes the best faces and says outrageous and silly things. I want to be her when I grow up. Except she's younger than me.

July 10th/Friday was Dad's birthday. I've been spending Fridays with my parents anyway, but John took off work a little early so we could watch some British stuff together then have dinner at Logan's. (Dad's choice.) Then we walked around some stores for a while to burn calories. It was a lot more fun than this sounds. :)

July 11/Saturday. Despite the sad reasons, we got to spend Saturday with our beloved Soberchef. Continued prayers for her family and that's all I'm saying about that. We also met up with Joe and Zinger at Zaxby's and played some neat games. Despite the groans, I liked Martinis and Men. It was goofy, but I loved the artwork and the idea of matchmaking. I was impressed with R-Eco's competitive recycling. I didn't win the game, but I did better than I expected. My favorite was Tichu, but that may be because I had Joe for a partner and he rocks that game. I really want to play it again, so long as I'm not playing with (or against) anyone aggressively competitive and preferably with someone like Joe who makes outrageous bets and flamboyant moves. Zinger promised we could partner next time, so I'm looking forward to that. :)

Okay, end update.

Oh - and GI Joe actually looks *good*.



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Jul. 15th, 2009 03:13 am (UTC)
Yeah! I've missed you! I hadn't gotten any emails recently, so I figured it must be crazy over there.
Gonna see you this weekend though! Yay!! =o)

DAMN these electric sex pants!!!
Jul. 15th, 2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Um...electric sex pants? Wow honey, you need to get out more!

I Missed you MLR!
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