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More New York Pictures

More pictures from my NY trip - horses, giant tree trunks, octogenarians I want to be like when I grow up, my uncle's museum, ice cream, ice cream, fish and chips and ice cream, somewhat successful force perspective, and stores you really shouldn't visit ever.

Neigh! Neigh!
Raven and I both have horse issues for various VALID reasons; however, I mustered my courage to get a shot next to Jen's horses. When I was a wee girl of six I remember being hoisted up onto one of these horses and taken for a ride! I was terrified even then. Back then, they seemed sooooo tall. We made a trek to Aunt Roberta's place specifically to visit her giant trees and get a picture of the horses for Raven. Sadly, her trees were cut down.
I am Queen of Dairy Country I am Queen of Dairy Country
This was not even the stump of biggest of the trees. The stump from the biggest, the one we ventured down here to see, was partially ground up, so I couldn't climb it. We were very sad to see their fate, but I was told it was to protect the house. They were such glorious trees. I was astride this when the horses came out of their barn to investigate who was on their grounds.
In Which We Take Over Pizza Hut In Which We Take Over Pizza Hut
Monkeys mentioned the median age of the people we visited was 80. Despite my infrequent visits to NY due to distance, I have wonderful memories of my grandfather's siblings, and whenever I do manage a trip up I try to visit as many of them as I can. I was pleased to discover, several of them are Catholic! So we had a lot to talk about this trip! We only had three days up there, so we managed to collect Aunt Dottie & Uncle Malcom, Aunt Eva, Aunt Marge, and Aunt Iona along with Gram, Me, Mom, and Dad. (Monkeys took the picture) at the local Pizza Hut for lunch. I missed out on getting to visit their houses, each with beautiful yards or views of the river.
Wish I had inherited their love of history Wish I had inherited their love of history
My great uncle Don helps to run a local museum. He let us have a tour after hours. He's really big with military history, too. I remember as a teenager his excitement at the AF Armament Museum when he found a book in the gift shop with his plane Our Gal Sal featured. I think McAmason would have really enjoyed their museum.
Alex Bay trip Alex Bay trip
I was trying to take a picture of me and dad at my favorite Fudge and Candy shop in the bay, but he wouldn't stop eating his ice cream.
Ice Cream! It's What's for Dinner Ice Cream! It's What's for Dinner
Dad still wouldn't stop eating, so I picked mine up again. We really did have ice cream nearly every day up there.
This really is a Fish and Chips and Ice Cream shop. This really is a Fish and Chips and Ice Cream shop.
It has the best mural. I should have taken individual pictures of each of the fish, but the owner showed up as we were playing around his shop. This octopus is holding a banana split in one of his tentacles and is trying to draw me into the shop... The other tentacles have ice cream cones.
Fish Twist Fish Twist
Monkeys is trying to sneak some of this poor goldfish's cone.
Needful Things? Needful Things?
We didn't go inside.

Meanwhile I'm trying to decide if I like the new Ms Marple. Haven't decided yet. She looks a bit too much like Florence Henderson to me, and while that shouldn't affect my judgement I keep picturing the Brady Bunch and it's taking me out of the story. Watching this, I want toast and I want tea. I want tea and toast.


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Jul. 6th, 2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
I love the pic of Needful Things! I would have had to go in... but only for a second and as soon as someone said hello, I'd be out!!!

Glad you had fun. Love you!
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