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My poetic tribute to our IT department

Monday two of our IT crew worked very hard to set up my computer and our phone guy had to actually get on the floor and left my desk with his back so that I could pull the wires out from underneath the furniture. He said the movers always seem to put things on the wires. The ladies setting up my computer/printer equally struggled with the issues brought out by the furniture. Lots of printer pinging was involved. Throughout the process they were upbeat, cheerful, and fun to talk with. At some point I promised them an Ode in their honor.

I sent them this: I looked up Odes to see their form, and they are very long. Not that you wouldn’t deserve the effort, of course; I just don’t have the talent to write one! So this my promised Ode from when you were setting up my printer/computer/phone, except that it’s not an Ode to the Fabulous Ladies and Gents of IT… It’s an Owed to the Fabulous Ladies and Gents of IT.

Owed to the Fabulous Ladies and Gents of IT

My computer’s dead! It doesn’t work!! Oh wait, I accidently unplugged it.
My printer’s jammed; it ate my receipt. I guess I shouldn’t have tugged it.
I opened a file! My email’s out. What virus? Can you debug it?

So patiently you take our calls – confused, garbled, and frantic.
And walk us through a maze of clicks without being pedantic
Or breaking down from our ineptness and tossing us in the Atlantic…

I owe you cookies, I owe you cake, I owe you whipped cream and cherry
(Although possibly you’d prefer Margaritas or a Bloody Mary)
So Thank you once, thank you twice, thank you 11110100001001000000 (<--binary!)

One of them wrote back that I made her day! :) :) :)


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Jul. 3rd, 2009 04:08 am (UTC)
Fantastic Ode! But, unless I am mistaken, your binary is broken. Lest ways, it does not contain full bytes. Rather it contains two bytes and a nibble!
Jul. 3rd, 2009 04:48 am (UTC)
I told Google to convert one million to binary (as in thanks a million), so I didn't actually do the math myself! LOL! I'm too lazy and slow when I try it myself.

One of the other IT ladies stopped by my desk today to tell me she liked it. :)
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