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Today I am sad for no good reason.

I think I'm afraid of going back to work tomorrow. I'm not sure what my office will look like - they were moving my desk and computer while I was gone. I don't have a key to it yet, so I couldn't go in early this weekend to work on unboxing and setting everything up. I am usually among the first to get to work, but w/o a key there's no point; I'll need to wait on whoever has the new keys. I know there will be four days worth of work built up while I was gone, but I cannot get started on that until I've unpacked and set up my office. Today I bought loads of cleaning supplies because it is DUSTY and grimy in there - I cannot start unpacking until I've done some scrubbing, which is a further delay. I'm not sure how long that will take, so I don't know how big a dent I can make in my "real" job tomorrow. I always feel really uneasy when I have unfinished work. so the delay in getting started on paperwork is already bothering me. Plus, I don't even know if my furniture has been moved; if not that's an even bigger delay.

I also feel a little sick. I didn't eat right today, and I drank too much coffee. I did make a better approximation of that Caramel Turtle drink - but I drank waaaaaaaaay too much of it and feel sick to my stomach. Or maybe it's nerves.

I wish I had something happy to post. I did impress Monkeys with a Maurice Moss impression today. That was cool. :)


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