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I need a shot of espresso. And a pillow.

Earlier today I was typing on Facebook while wearing 4 pounds worth of wrist weights. Now I'm sitting here in tap shoes typing instead of tapping. I'm so tired! I just don't have the energy to do anything. I feel as though I would fall instantly asleep if my head were to rest against anything.

I have managed to get all my trip laundry finished and folded. I just need to actually put it in drawers. I also cooked our lunch and did dishes. That's something, I suppose.

We ate out pretty much every day up there. We had ice cream four of the eight days. We also had fudge (Alex Bay has two fudge shops) and cookies and scones and muffins and brownies (the Busy Corner Cafe has loads of sweets). We met some aunts/uncles at Pizza Hut. Another set of relatives had a massive and amazing cookout for Alissa's high school graduation. Oh - and then there's the legendary buffet in Troutville, VA called Country Cookin' - possibly my favorite restaurant in the universe. ::wistful sigh:: Did I mention the Caramel Turtle coffee drink at Busy Corner? Half coffee, half hot chocolate, real caramel sundae topping, and probably loads of cream that's covered in whipped topping and chocolate. It's fantastic. I had three over the course of our stay there. The last one I split with Monkeys, at least. I gained six pounds from the trip. I'm actually surprised it wasn't more - but I also made sure to go out walking every day, to take the stairs instead of the elevators most trips, and to just walk the stairs as exercise some evenings. Monkeys ate everything that I ate plus a little more (I at least split some of my meals with my mom), yet he seems to have lost weight from the trip. That's not fair!

I attempted a low-calorie version of the Caramel Turtle Coffee today, and it wasn't too bad. I got some sugar-free hot chocolate, some caramel flavored coffee, and some sugar-free coffee syrup. If I had added some fat-free whipped cream on top with some more sugarfree cocoa sprinkled on the cream it probably would have been 90% perfect. So my goal is to get some sugar-free caramel sundae topping and whipped cream before my next attempt. I must succeed!!

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