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I love my friends, in any form.

I find this funny, so I'm posting it. When we got the Wii a lot of my friends created profiles on our system - so we have a deadon Monkeys and Raven and some rather good versions of Droidgirl, Libra, Toaster, my niece and nephew who visited last April, and my parents.

We had a blast one night when a group of us were over, partly because it was fun and partly so that *if* we played any games, we could play against each other. But we don't actually play that many games, despite my ability to TROUNCE Raven at foosball... So I never really saw the impact of having them in my Mii until I started doing the Wii Fit. Now they show up *all the time* to work out with me. I do step aerobics with all of them every time I step. They cheer me on for many of the balance exercises. When I jog, they randomly show up - usually to pass my in the dust, darn them. Occasionally one of them falls down, however, so I get to laugh at them. What's really funny is the balance exercise where you have to roll balls into holes (it's actually rather challenging). Their faces appear on the balls, and if I get them to fall through all the holes then at the end they all come to life and jump around. I don't always succeed, and when the balls defy my attempts to fall into the holes I have actually yelled at Toast or Droid before for being difficult!!

Despite my occasional yelling, it brings me loads of joy to see them when they pop up on the screen. On weeks when we don't have Gathering, I still feel like I got to visit with them! Crazy, huh?

I really need to get Redd to make her and hubby and to get McAmason and Magnet to make themselves... Gotta catch them all gotta catch them all...

OH and this has NOTHING to do with the above post. I was messing around on random and hit this, which amused me. Well, as our group does tend to play the "in bed" fortune cookie game, I guess I could force it to relate to a "friends" post.




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Jun. 1st, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
I Wanna make one!!

That's awesome!
Jun. 2nd, 2009 01:54 am (UTC)
We definitely need to make you and Kenton for our machine - I get to see you guys the least, so having you in there would be awesome! I wish you were here to make them yourselves, but John's pretty awesome at getting a likeness. Someone needs to show me how make pictures so that I can post them, so you can see them!
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