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I wrote a haiku today.

I worked a late shift to help out during registration, so for two hours tonight I worked the front counter. I used to work the front counter when I first moved to the main campus, but I have my own little office in the back now with a slightly fancier job and title. But usually once or twice during registration I fill in at the counter doing my original job for the college. I can't really do *my* job at the counter because not all the programs and stuff I need are out there, so I took some paperwork out to alphabetize in case I had some free time between registrations.

At 4:30 most of the office goes home, leaving only a skeleton crew to handle the throngs until closing. There was only five us in the building - one counselor, one financial aid person, one registration person (me), one testing person, and for some reason the VA rep was staying late even though it wasn't his night. It was dead dead dead. Dead Dave. All dead. I think I got maybe ten phone calls and about seven students. Better yet, they were all easy questions! So after spinning around in my chair for a while and looking up stuff on Simon Pegg as Scotty on the internets, I wrote a poem.


Listening for phones
I sit at the front counter
Kicking it old school

And is that Jack in the Box commercial guy who was gonna eat 99 tacos high?



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May. 15th, 2009 05:59 am (UTC)
Cute haiku.

As for the taco dude, you'd have to be high to eat 99 tacos. Wait, do you guys have Jack in the Box there? I thought they were only West Coast (not that we have them here mind you).
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