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VIN is home!

Cuz that’s how VIN rolls My car just got out of the shop. *They* couldn’t get the CD out either! LOL! So Wednesday they installed a whole new radio system. I hope it’s an upgrade! Anyway, the stuck CD issue is fixed, but while it was down there I asked them to check my iPod player, too.

When I bought the car, the dealer told me it came with an iPod player. He even pointed out the jack to me when the car arrived. Toaster and Monkeys were there, and they heard him say it, too. I had ordered my car from scratch and was expecting to wait a month for it to arrive from the factory, but my dealer moved heaven and earth calling dealerships all over the Southeast to find one already made so that I could have it sooner. Four times I told him, “Please don’t bother! I’m fine with waiting!! I can wait even longer than a month; I’m in no hurry.” But apparently he was in a hurry (I guess they have monthly quotas?), and so he managed to track down a blue Beetle with everything I had put in my contract with the addition of a 6 CD changer. I told him that I didn’t want the 6-CD changer, I never asked for a 6-CD changer, I didn’t need a 6-CD changer if it had an iPod hookup that would play way more than 6-CD’s worth of music, and I wasn’t paying the extra $500 charge for it that he was going to work into a revised contract, so they could either throw it in for free or take it out. They took it out, and gave me VIN. I really, really wish the dealer hadn’t rushed on that car and just let them send the one they ordered. I love VIN, but he’s had *many* problems. A screw wasn’t screwed in all the way at the factory and he rolled backwards in park, neutral, and in drive when I had my foot on the brake on inclines (deadly!) – I didn’t notice at first because I had vertigo and kept thinking it was me moving!! The windshield wiper motor went out in the middle of a storm on the interstate (deadly!). The seat lifters on the driver’s and passenger’s side have both broken. My visor lost it’s springback capabilities and dangled like a dead treesloth smacking Monkeys in the head every time he got in or out of the car. The trunk got dented (even longer story) which put pressure on the brake light making the light cover always break so that if they didn’t fix it I would be constantly replacing covers . Help me, guys – there’s been at least four other mechanical fixes. Anyway – here’s the iPod story. For a year I didn’t mess with it, and when I plugged it in the first time the jack didn’t work. I took it in, and they told me that was because I didn’t have an iPod deck. They said that the car just comes with the hole so that if I ever wanted to, I could get one installed. An argument ensued over what I was told at the time of purchase and the dealership gave up. Their final answer was something like “You are wrong, it wasn’t supposed to come with it, but we’ll put one in for you for free anyway to end this conversation.” So I got an iPod player, BUT when I got home I discovered that it didn’t work well. I could play my iPod but it was extremely quiet. I had to have it turned up as loudly as the iPod and the stereo would go just to hear it at all. After all the kerfluffle over getting it in the first place, I was too embarrassed to complain about the quiet so I just put up with it since I could play CDs. Another year passed, and as my car was in the shop for the CD I thought I’d go ahead and risk asking about the iPod…

So anyway, my dad made an extra trip up here to my office this morning to pick up my iPod because no one at the dealership had one to use to test my system! When they did test it they found out that the internal cable was defective, so they had to order that part. When my parents picked up my car Friday they said “we hope it won’t be in again” and the mechanics told them something like, “no chance of that!” We think they were joking. But then again, maybe not. Bizarre breakdowns seem to be VIN’s MO.

Oh, and Raven is the cause of every problem in the car, right? ;)



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May. 6th, 2009 06:29 am (UTC)
Well, of course it's Raven's fault! Who else would be to blame? :D
May. 7th, 2009 01:29 am (UTC)
Yes!! I wish *he* were more open to recognizing his blame in all of this.
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