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Wii Fit, Lack of Balance, Clocks

I just tried out the Wii Fit Monkees bought for me as a belated anniversary present. It's fun!! I messed with all the yoga postures, three of the aerobic activities, two of the strength training activities, and one of the balance activities. I have excellent balance on the yoga games, but I suck royally at the balance games! Seriously suck!! The game mocks me. It actually asked me if I have trouble walking.

The first time I attempted the set up I had the Wii Fit board thing facing the wrong way. So every time it said to lean left, I would lean left, but the Wii registered it as leaning right. My initial body test results had me as being 55 years old and a hazard to those around me. After I got it turned the right way and redid the test, I dropped to 41 years old - still older than I actually am and still a potential hazard, but at least it was better than before.

The link below takes you to an even bigger oops than facing your Wii the wrong way... ann_mcn posted it on her LJ. She found it on metaquotes. I read it to Monkeys and we both giggled in admiration, so I wanted to share it, too.

Aspiring photographer asks his boss about taking some photographs...


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Apr. 28th, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
The Wii Fit is fun so far. It weighs you every day and checks your balance; it keeps a log of your weigh ins . It also helps you set a health goal. I think the DDR burns up more calories, but the Fit has the benefit of strength training, flexibility, and balance, so It's a fair trade off. I definitely think the Fit is better if you had a bad back!
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Apr. 30th, 2009 01:02 am (UTC)
Oh- I would LOVE to see that! That sounds like a video I would watch on YouTube.

I've been doing it for four days now. I still amazingly SUCK at the balance exercises. No improvement at all. But I just unlocked the aerobic exercise for boxing and that is FUN!

Glad you are home safe!
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