madladyred (madladyred) wrote,

My Husband is FAMOUS

Okay, so I posted before about how my husband was in a bumper on Adult Swim because at Dragoncon the creatures of the Venture Brothers so loved his Jonas Venture Jr. costume they asked Monkeys to pose for pictures with *them* instead of Monkeys asking them to pose with them. They even used their own cameras.

Well, last night we were watching the shows with commentary AND THEY MENTIONED HIM IN THE COMMENTARY! Not by name, of course. But they said something like "the most amazing Jonas Venture Junior costume" as they were naming the costumes that impressed them at the con. :) :) :)

My husband so rocks!

(Also, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick so rock. They are the sweetest guys; I love listening to their commentary because they really like their fans and appreciate what the fans do. And they are quite humble, too. They talked about Dragoncon a lot in the commentary. Now I'm all pumped up and ready for September!!)
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