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Making a difference

Vote for Pedro John

You know how I frequently brag about my fake-brother and Trigo, his bakery and café? (Cuz he’s an amazing chef…) Well he does other stuff, too. As a small business owner in Panama City he felt the same economic impact that other small businesses along main street were feeling, but he decided to try to do something about it. So he ran for office. He got first place in the votes!! But one other person came close enough that they may have a run off. Still, I wanted to brag about him and show off his campaign site and the article about the election. The article doesn't say much except the vote tally, but his website is pretty cool. It made me wish I lived in Panama City so I could help with the campaign!

Yay Johnny!! Fingers still crossed!!


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Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:37 am (UTC)
Nice site
Nice site but like many political sites it says what he wants, not how he will accomplish it. I know it's a bit late for him to be changing anything but if I were a voter looking to choose between two candidates, I'd pick the one who expressed a clear vision of how to accomplish his goals.
Apr. 23rd, 2009 04:04 am (UTC)
Re: Nice site
yeah, at almost any level politicians never seem to actually give specifics about what they are going to do to accomplish the big dreams/goals they lay out. that drove me nuts with the presidential election. i was still really impressed with johnny's website, however. visually i think it had a nice layout and his resume impressed me. i learned some stuff about him i didn't know, even!

he's always been a real competent and capable person. I remember that even from when he was in high school. and he's not afraid to take risks. we were stunned when he quit his safe and well-paying job to risk everything by following his dream of chef school and opening a restaurant, but he succeeded in spades. he's always been one of those people i thought could do just about anything. so i'm optimistic if he wins that he would be able to accomplish whatever goals he lays out. (okay, well, i don't normally trust political stuff, so really i should say that i think he would be more likely to succeed than others - - i don't understand how politics get anything done since everyone wants something different, not everyone you work with is in it for the good of others, and the problems they face are tenfold any individual problems because of the shear number of people they are dealing with BUT if anyone can, it's johnny, darn it. I certainly wouldn't be up to the task!)

night!! i'm off to bed :)
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