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Unexpected Company

Last week was super busy (Holy Week, first week of registration, and workshop). Plus, immediately after work Friday we were leaving for GARF. So when we got a call from Monkey’s nephew on Saturday saying they were coming down for the week and would arrive on Monday, I wasn’t thrilled with the timing. Saturday was Easter Vigil and there was no way I could do anything but church related stuff that day. My parents were spending the night, and we had plans for Sunday – dying eggs, watching movies. I had from 3pm to midnight to get ready for company and pack for GARF since I wouldn’t be able to pack during the week. I also had a steadily worsening ear infection. Oh, and Monkeys had to work late a couple nights that week prepping for an upcoming TDY and I had classes on Tuesday. Really bad timing. I did manage to find a few moments at work to print out info on the Gulfarium, some water parks and go carts rides, area beaches and museums, etc. so they’d have something to do during the day while we were at work since we couldn’t take off to show them ourselves.

They arrived before we got home from work, so it was good that I had the bed made up for them Sunday night! When I got home they were completely zonked from the drive (they drove straight down), so it gave me time to run to the store to pick up a prescription and buy them some sodas. That’s when I discovered I didn’t get my wallet back from Mom on Saturday. Ooops! No sodas, no pills. Mom brought me my wallet Tuesday, so I cut yoga to get medicines and some supplies for them before going to Catechism. I was not going to cut that. Despite the visit’s timing causing Monkeys and me all sorts of work/GARF/when can we do laundry?!?!?! stress, it was a *good* visit.

Monday I cooked dinner (which they lied and said was good!) then we watched YouTube stuff. I got to share a lot of the things Matt/Raven/Toaster/etc had shared with me. Tuesday they went to the Gulfarium and the beach and got crazy sunburned! Ha! But they had a blast. That night Monkeys made spaghetti and they watched movies until I got home from class. Then Bobby made us smoothies and the kids showed us pictures from their day and loads of pictures of their 6-month-old. Wednesday all four of us went out for pizza and Bobby and I played pool at some crazy biker bar. I suck at pool, but it was fun!! I actually almost made a comeback for both games, which was a relief that I didn’t look like a total loser. The bikers at the other table and I kept nearly bumping into each other. Thankfully, although they looked tough they were very polite. Apparently Celia and Monkeys had a good time, too. From where they were sitting watching us they could also overhear a drunk, older man hitting on the young girlfriend of one of the pool playing bikers. They did impressions of pickup attempts all the way home, but they also gave the old guy credit for being very brave (or stupid) to risk the biker’s anger and to use such cheesy lines. That evening we played Wii until late in the evening. Thursday we took them Goofy Golfing and then to my mom’s for dinner. It was cute seeing them eat flan for the first time. Friday they hung out at our house until we got home for work so that they could say goodbye to us, then they headed home to WI. They are both incredibly good kids, so we really enjoyed their company. I love that they wanted to show us pictures of their house (which was bigger and better than mine!!) and their new daughter (it was their first time away from her and it was driving them nuts!) and that they wanted to tell us about their lives and show us things they liked. I loved that they asked us questions and wanted us to share our lives in return. Not all 20 year olds are like that, you know? They were always quick to thank us for anything we did for them while down there, and they brought their own food/drinks to try not to be moochy (though we insisted they could have anything in our kitchen for their breakfasts/lunches and tried to make their dinners). We made them promise to come back with more notice so that we could actually take off time from work and hang out more.

We’re going up to WI in October, and they have offered to let us stay with them if Monkey’s dad’s house gets too crowded. They are even going to schedule their daughter’s 1st birthday party around our visit if possible so that we can attend. Sometimes I feel bad for Monkeys that his family lives so far away, but at least when he does get to see him the distance doesn’t seem to affect the affection.


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Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:06 am (UTC)
I've noticed that most bikers are actually really nice. Which is cool! I'm glad you guys had a fun visit... but notice in advance would have been nice. I'm sure you were a wonderful host!
Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:42 am (UTC)
I second that!
Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:55 am (UTC)
Big scary men that aren't
It was funny because later that night Monkeys asked if I was nervous from dealing with the angry biker. I asked "what angry biker?" and he said the one that you had to keep asking to move for your shots. I was stunned that it came across as angry to people watching because they guy was actually apologizing profusely to me about always seeming to sit exactly where I needed to be. In fact, he even helped me pick out my pool cue. I even talked to him a bit between shots about how terrible I was at pool, and he was encouraging me! I guess from far away it must have looked like he was always getting in my way which came across as aggressive or something.

Monkeys and I have frequently commented on how much we love the Goth crowd at Dragoncon and how polite they and the overly tattoo'd or pierced people are because the general public mindset is that goths or those with tattoos or piercings must be crazy mean wackos. I think society is slowly changing and tattoos and piercings are more accepted than they used to be, but they still get too much of an undeserved bad rep.
Apr. 23rd, 2009 04:58 am (UTC)
Re: Big scary men that aren't
I think bikers and pierced tattooed people get a bad rap. At lot of people have a skewed view of these people. I think it's kind of funny because I get little old ladies asking about my piercing and tattoos all the time. I think it's because I'm not threatening at all and I'm happy I can help people think differently about "my" people.

A girl I became friends with at work use to make me mad. (She moved) She would get pissed and snappy when people asked about her tattoos. It was annoying because she wasn't helping the image any, plus... you know if you are heavily tattooed I think you have to accept people are going to ask about it.
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