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I got to drink from the fire hose!!

Okay, maybe not drink from it. But I did get to try to use one – they put out a lot of pressure! Last Friday we had our FACC Region 1 Workshop. Months ago several of us responded to our region president’s call for help with the workshop. I offered to do check-in because I thought it would just be an hour out of my day so as to not interfere with my real job while still letting me be “helpful.” Apparently others had the same idea, so she redistributed our offers to other tasks. I was told I was to run the mixer (a game) which meant I was in charge of getting prizes, determining how to run the game, and standing up in front of the 80 anticipated guests to present it. Not what I originally had in mind. Also, I ended up being one of the event photographers, the gift wrapper for the presenter awards, and helped with the goody bags. So I ended up being there all day. But it was a GREAT day.

Thankfully we had some no-shows, so I only had about 66 players, which made it a lot easier. Still, I put a lot of time and effort into it – the prizes all fit the candy theme, the wrapping was also candy themed, I made group dividers out of miniature candy wrappers, and lots of other little things that made it run really smoothly – yay! I got a lot of compliments. :)

One speaker from the Choctaw Basin Alliance talked about estuaries. Four of the five colleges involved are in watersheds for local estuaries. Really interesting – I learned a lot about what I can do to help the environment, why it’s important, etc. Another speaker talked about dealing with difficult people. He’s won instructor of the year multiple years running as well as a state award, so of course his presentation was awesome. The college Soundstations performed a wickedly awesome Queen medley. Our last “presentation” was actually a trolley ride out to our Fire Science, Police Academy, and EMT/EMS program to play with the fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances! We got to run a course in the police car WITH THE SIRENS BLARING and spin out. We got to climb all through the metal fire training house. We got to *try* to run a fire hose on our own. It was hysterical watching people attempt it alone. Our division head was there giving instructions and helping hold the hose when we needed it – he is STRONG. We also got to wear glasses that simulate different blood alcohol levels and try to walk lines and drive golf carts through cones. OMG that was funny. I did a good job walking on the line, so I was accused of having lots of independent practice. One of our instructors actually did better “drunk” driving than sober, so he got loads of ribbing. I got a big laugh from saying, “What did you learn at your workshop today? If you go to a party, ride home with Matthew!” and another from telling Matthew he was never invited to any open bar parties. So many fun little exchanges happened – Sudy’s jumping the line to be the first to drive the police car. The head of the program turning the fire hose on the head of the distance learning program as he passing by on one of our trolleys. (It was otherwise empty, thank goodness. He was coming to pick us up for the return trip.) Plus, the day was full of beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures, so it was perfect weather. We ended with an ice cream social where we quickly loaded pictures from the day onto a laptop to run in the background. The chapter presidents gave quick updates then our region president gave out thank yous. I was given a Lifesaver award for all my hard work! I had to get up in front of everyone again to receive it, but it was an awesome surprise anyway. Then for door prizes MINE WAS THE FIRST NAME CALLED!! I got my pick of the prizes. There were four original works of art from our fine arts instructors (2 pieces of pottery, a collage, a painting) and eight gorgeous b/w photographs of local nature scenes from the Chowtaw Basin Alliance. I got the painting, but felt really guilty cuz it was the grand prize of the event. I probably would never have another chance to get one, though! One of our math instructors paints watercolor on purloined paper towels.
Dr. Lui's masterpieces

Anyway, to sum:
* Day off from work
* Didn’t have an epic fail experience for my portion of the workshop, instead got compliments
* Excellent speakers/topics
* Kickass Bohemian Rhapsody done to bizarre choreography
* Played with fire hose in sunshine
* Two chocolate chip cookies and an ice cream sundae
* Met lots of nice people as my role required me to interact more than I normally do at meetings
* Won a recognition award for my contribution
* Won the best of the door prizes
* Got to bring back cookies for my office and be the hero there

I also felt proud for contributing and for the fact that I did a good thing for the school’s image (it was the highest reviewed workshop of recent years, our school got lots of praise) since it's odd time for the school right now.

Then home, hugged our company good bye as they headed off to Wisconsin, loaded up Toaster’s car with our stuff, and headed off to GARF! WooT!

Who needs rest!


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Apr. 22nd, 2009 03:37 am (UTC)
Well at least he's good for something
Man, I had Professor Liu for College Algebra. Good guy, knew his shit but didn't understand enough English to understand your questions. Of course, this was 15 years ago so I am sure he has improved. The paintings are cool though.
Apr. 23rd, 2009 12:40 am (UTC)
Re: Well at least he's good for something
I don't know, actually. I have a hard time understanding him still! One of our students told me about a time when he missed a class and borrowed a classmate's notes. When he toke notes he converted them to what he understood Dr. L to be saying, but the person he borrowed the notes from took notes exactly as Dr. Liu spoke. He said it was hysterical to read - it also made him realize how much of an accent their teacher had as he converted more subconsiously w/o realizing it. (It was funnier hearing that story than writing/reading it, I'm afraid. It might be a location story...)
Apr. 22nd, 2009 03:42 am (UTC)
That sounds like a kickass day! Hurray for you and have fun at GARF.
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 23rd, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
Oh, it was definitely a UHF reference. Love that movie! But I picked that line because of my actual fire hosing. I think I actually did an impression/did the line just before I attempted spraying the fire wall. :)
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