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So I broke down and went to the doctor's office today. They managed to work me in to see a PA at 2, so I skipped lunch and took an hour leave. That meant I still managed to get any priority work done before leaving - yay!

Last night I got maybe an hour of sleep because my ears were hurting too much. It's been like that for three days now, and the pain has been progressively increasing. The doctor didn't seem over concerned about my ears (they are bulging from excess fluids, but not yet infected - if the fluid doesn't clear then they'll be infected). He was, however, impressed with my throat. Apparently my throat looked awful, and he didn't understand why I wasn't complaining about that. He said it looked like this had been building up for some time, and I admitted it started about two weeks ago (maybe more), but it hadn't bothered me until my ears started throbbing. I have weird pain tolerances. Some things I can stand, but ears and back take me down. :( Anyway, I have two prescriptions. One I filled today, and it should clear up the fluids. If I don't feel better in three days I have a prescription for antibiotics because by then it probably will be an infection. Apparently I caved just in time to prevent it from getting really nasty. With registration and road trip upcoming, I knew this was my only chance to take leave, so I'm glad I caved.

Today was supposed to be the day my parents came up for lunch, so instead my parents came with me to the doctor's office! It was like being a kid again. :) Then we went to Walgreens and to Captain D's. I got the grilled tilapia and broccoli and green beans, but I also ate some of my mom's little crispy fried fish bits, a few of her fries, and my dad's hush puppies - when I got home I had to wash my face from the exposure to fish grease. :) Totally worth it. Captain D's actually has a fancy gated table with cloth, china, wine glasses, and silverware like in that commercial. Bizarre. Then Mom and I went to Big Lots and WalMart and got stuff for Easter (they are going to spend the night after Easter Vigil and Sunday we're dying eyes and eating scones while watching British shows) while Dad went on to my house to read as he was not interested in our wanderings. It was awesome, because I got to see them for about three hours instead of our usual one. Plus, Monkeys got home by the time we finished AND his new uke arrived, so he played for us before my parents headed home.

I think today was a good day. I'm tired and a bit stupid, but I have medicine and should be on the mend soon. I didn't fall behind on work stuff, so I'm treading water there. I found my wallet - last night I discovered it had fallen out of my purse. This morning I found it on the floor under my desk. I spilt a cup of hot tea on my desk, keyboard, bag, and floor - but it somehow missed my clothes and something on top of my bag soaked it all up so nothing under it got wet. In messing around cleaning the tea from under my desk I discovered my outlet had gotten unplugged which is why my microfische reader wasn't working all last week - so my tea accident had all sorts of benefits - 1) it fixed my lamp, microfische reader, & tea warmer, 2) it gave me a legitimate reason to wrap FACC presents at work as I had to wait for my keyboard to drain, 3) I discovered it was yucky tea, so I'm glad half of it spilled, 4) it got a laugh from my coworkers, and 5) I actually cleaned my desk. I did two tasks at work I had been dreading, so they are out of the way. I got to hang out with my parents. I got several happy or funny emails from friends. I'm excited about mass tonight. There were lots of little nice things that happened. So today is a good day. I'm just too tired to appreciate it. But it's a happy tired.



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Apr. 10th, 2009 12:06 am (UTC)
Yeah for a good day! Hope you feel better soon.
Apr. 10th, 2009 03:39 am (UTC)
Yeah, what Sarah said!
I know several people who deserve good days soon! (You being one of them!)

I hope your ears feel better and you get a good nights sleep tonight!
Apr. 11th, 2009 12:49 am (UTC)
Well I'm glad the infection is getting taken care of. I gather it won't interfere with your becoming Catholicized?
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