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The Days of Our Lives

So much is happening I haven’t had time to write much about it! This is a loooooooooooong post going back over the last eleven days. I could go back more, but ran out of time...

Class – I had to switch to audit. I got sick one weekend and that combined with RCIA responsibilities put me behind in one of the assignments, so I opted out. Up to that week we had been doing one or two chapters every two weeks, but it just so happened we had three chapters (Decision Logic, Case Logic, and Loop Logic) all at once, which was enough on its own. This assignment period we just have one chapter (Arrays) and is going pretty well, so it sort of proves it is all in the timing.

Work – has been kind of fun lately. Wednesday I got to volunteer with check in at the Career Fair. I love that because you don’t actually talk to anyone for more than five minutes before you are done with that person and on to meeting the next person, so I get to say basically the same thing over and over again and my stupid jokes are new each time I tell them to a new person. I’m not sure why, but I get a real rush from this kind of task. I think it’s all the smiling. Every time a new face appears in front of you, it’s a new opportunity to smile really big and give directions. Plus, the people looking for jobs are usually excited and nervous, so when you say “that’s a lovely dress” or “you look very professional, today” and wish them good luck, you can actually see the sense of relief and hope in their eyes. Even better, they had companies of all ilk represented, including Krispee Kreme. Krispee Kreme brought donuts. OMG.

Thursday night we went to see Richard III (in 3D) at the campus. One of my former students was in it, so I wanted to go to support her. She did an outstanding job in her three roles. The set was pretty amazing, too. I’m hoping to do a short individual post about the play sometime soon. I also went to the Thursday night yoga class since I missed Tuesday’s class. Between yoga and the play, Monkeys, Raven, and I had a picnic on the campus for dinner. It made for a very long day – I was on campus from 7:30 am to about 10:30 pm – but it was a beautiful day full of friends and fun.

Wednesday night I went to the last of the Mission masses at church. Part of the mass was adoration and benediction, so the church was full of the lovely scent of incense. It was also my first confession. That was hard! I had spent the last two weeks or more praying and searching my memories to prepare my confession. I don’t know what was harder – pulling up memories, some long buried, of things for which I was ashamed or confessing them out loud. I am hoping to write a reflection on this. I wrote two very long emails about it to my friend Janey, so I’ve made a dent in doing a reflection at least. Wednesday was another late night, I got home around 8:30 and set to work making sandwiches for Thursday’s picnic lunch and getting stuff ready since I knew Thursday was going to be an even later night.

Tuesday was St. Patrick’s day! Erin go Bragh! RCIA was cancelled due to Mission week at the church. Instead we were told to go to our first confession and to attend any day of the Mission services. So in a rare case of good timing, it meant Toaster and I were available for our traditional McGuires dinner with Redd!headed and friends! We bundled up in our green and met up around 6pm. McGuires has this down to a science at this point, so despite the HUGE crowds, we got in fairly rapidly and the food was downright quick to arrive. I have pictures! I will be posting them! I will take bribes to remove them! Waiting to get in is part of the fun because many people are in totally outrageous outfits (dying their beards green, leprechauns sitting on people’s shoulders, giant hats, glitter, etc.), and everyone is cheerful so there’s a feeling of happiness and excitement that you can actually breathe in. Wakes were consumed. Giggling was giggled. Usual stuff. Of course, some of us headed over to the Krispee Kreme afterwards for more giggling and photographs. Tradition is tradition, afterall! I think we still ended up home around 10:30, so we did pretty good timewise even if we totally blew it scalewise the next morning.

Monday we were supposed to go see the play, but something happened. I think one of us got sick. I don’t actually remember much about Monday, except possibly trying to do some cleaning since we have company coming in on Friday.

Sunday was another Scrutinies mass for those of us in RCIA. Toaster came over afterwards to help me prepare for my confession. I did a kind of practice run where she looked over my notes and answered questions about what I should expect and when to cross myself, when to sit, etc. We had lunch and spent the rest of the day sitting around watching Big Bang Theory, Castle, and Dollhouse since she wasn’t able to come over on Saturday night and missed seeing them.

Saturday I ran errands during the daytime instead of my normal visiting the parents activities (since my mom was out of town). Then there was the frantic vacuuming and stashing of stuff in preparation for the Saturday Gathering. In addition to our normal activities, Raven brought over his massage table and Redd and I got massages! Yay! I want another!!

Friday Monkeys and I had dinner at Tammy and Shawn’s house. They were super nice and made a veggie burger for me. They also made sweet potato fries and I have been craving more for a week now. We played Frag and I may have won, I don’t remember. I’d forgotten that I actually like that game, which is rare for me as it is a shoot-em-up game instead of a word puzzle game (my preference).

Thursday was a panicked evening of taking a quiz and attempting to finish out my homework. Everything went wrong. For the first time ever we had short answer questions on a quiz and neither of us knew we had to use html in answers if we wanted formatting. The quiz wasn’t really on the new chapters; four of the questions were homework questions from last week’s assignment, which I had at work so I had to write the algorithms from scratch instead of it being a simple cut and paste. I never finished the homework assignment. Up to this week Monkeys and I had been doing a good job sharing the textbook, but that failed us this week. The days I had complete access to it I was sick and the rest of the week never seemed to work out. It’s more important he gets it, so I switched to audit and just submitted what I had managed to finish.

I don’t remember Wednesday!

Tuesday was yoga and RCIA. In RCIA we had a role playing class in preparation for our upcoming first confession. Our priest and one of our instructors acted out a good and a bad confession. The bad confession was hysterical and so over the top it was more comedic than helpful, but it lightened my mood. Father was twirling in his chair talking on his cell phone about surfing, saying “no, I’m not busy” while motioning Susan to sit in the chair as she came in. That alone made me giggle, but it’s unlikely the priest would behave that way, so really it was up to Susan to be the example of what we shouldn’t do. She was awesome. She pretty much said that she was great, didn’t have anything to confess really, she was only there because she had to be, and when he asked her about suggestions for penance she suggested he skip that part. Also, in the middle of it, one of the other instructors called her on her cell phone, so she stopped to answer it. So funny. We also discussed the concepts of confession and reconciliation in great detail, got some awesome handouts to help with reflection, and discussed why the Catholic church has it as a sacrament. I had been praying and reading about saints for a week before that class and didn’t have much on my list of things to confess, but after that class it was like everything came back to me – even back to elementary school days.

Monday I was sick. I even called in sick from work, which I almost never do. I spent the day on the couch being miserable.

Sunday was an amazing day. At mass that morning we had the Rite of Sending where Catechumens (unbaptized) and Candidates (baptized) were called to the front of the church with their sponsors and had a special blessing conferred upon us since we were heading over to the cathedral for the Rite of Election. Toaster and I went back to my house after mass for pancakes (yes, Monkeys made Nanerpus for each of us) then we had to rush back to the church to caravan to Pensacola. After the Rite of Election, where thankfully we only had to stand in place not go to the front of the church, they had a reception for us. I tried to thank everyone I saw working the tables, because it’s awfully nice of them to give up a Sunday afternoon to feed a hundred strangers. Oddly enough, it just so happens one of my best friends from high school came up twice in the form of her father and a family friend. When I was making my way to our section of the cathedral, I passed someone who called my name and gave me a hug – Lisa’s dad. When I introduced him to Toaster, it turned out he worked with her father many years ago! Small world. Later at the reception I was standing in line behind a women who looked really familiar to me, so I asked if she was a teacher (thinking I had had a practicum with her at some point). After many suggestions of places we could have met, it turned out she had thrown Lisa a Bridesmaid Brunch, so I had been to her house for that back in the 1990’s. It had been a lovely brunch and a beautiful house, so it should not surprise me too much that I remembered her face from just the one meeting. I flash back to that day frequently when I’m thinking of happy moments in my life. When I got home I emailed Lisa to let her know that she was there in spirit for my Rite of Election – I knew she would have been there in person had she been local, so I thought she’d like the message. She happened to be online, so we talked for probably an hour.

Sorry again for the length. Probably this post is more of a diary for me than interesting reading for others.


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Mar. 21st, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
i almost bailed on yoga thursday night cause i was feeling VERY beat up, the stress of the week was wearing me down and i had to rush home from class (got out late, spring break traffic AND car giving me trouble) .... unpack the food (so it doesn't get bad) and then grab my yoga stuff and run back out ... so initially it was "oh god why me!?" ... but once i got to the campus i was glad i came to class, of course later once we were doing yoga i was REALLY glad i didn't skip

"Redd and I got massages! Yay! I want another!!"

weekdays after work, let me know when and i'll have the table set up for ya :D
Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:45 am (UTC)
Me want massage!
Come to Defuniak!
Mar. 22nd, 2009 08:35 am (UTC)
told ya ... make time and first one will be free :D
Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:45 am (UTC)
Damn you're busy!
Mar. 22nd, 2009 04:50 am (UTC)
I thought so! The only reason I stopped there was because I ran out of time, but I could have kept going on. It really seems like I've been busy almost every day for weeks now!

Today was awesome! I'm exhausted and headed to bed. :)
Hope you had a great day!! Talk to you tomorrow.
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