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Sell Sell Sell

There's a commercial for Trident gum saying it makes your teeth stronger. I've watched this commercial a million times, but only caught it from the point where a guy on a motorcycle falls down and the blonde girl carrying a million shopping bags picks up stuff that's fallen out of her purse (including the gum). After the voiceover guy talks about how great the gum is, they go back to the scene where an older lady on a Little Rascal type scooter runs over him. Every time I saw the commercial I would cringe and feel bad for the poor guy on the motorcycle who gets first got knocked over by some zealous and unobservant shop-a-holic (who I assumed hadn't seen him because of all her bags and her rudely trying to answer her phone putting others in jeopardy) and to add insult to injury got run over by a clueless old lady. Poor guy had a suck-tastic day.

Tonight I saw the commercial from the beginning. He's a thief. He's trying to grab the poor shop-a-holic's purse from her teeth (cuz her hands are full from the bags and the phone) and her teeth are soooooo strong from the gum that she can keep hold of the purse w/o straining thereby pulling the guy off his motorcycle.

I've been feeling bad for the wrong person all this time. Durrrrr.

But the commercial makes a whole lot more sense now!

(PS... I am drinking the most yummy coffee right now. Redd and Imran got me craving some...)
(PPS... Happy Birthday Supergoober!!!!)


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Mar. 5th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
The previous commercial for this gum was absolutely unwatchable. It would come on and I would have to cover my eyes. And the only thing I can remember right now is that it started with this old lady in a diner whose fork is bent, so she fixes it by bending it back with her teeth. Basically the whole commercial was things that just looking at caused my teeth to ache. I hated that thing.
Mar. 6th, 2009 02:15 am (UTC)
Oh - I have seen that commercial! I agree. It is completely unwatchable. I always averted my eyes and clinched my teeth whenever it came on.
Mar. 5th, 2009 01:32 pm (UTC)
hehe i knew which commercial you were talking about only after i read it half way through cause i've only seen the commercial from that same point on ... i still haven't seen the whole thing, hehe - so you see, we are related, we not only have the same coffee preferences, we also see half of the things in the world, the same halves .... we'd make a terrible mecha-shiva :D

which coffee did we have you craving?
the burger king mocha joe?
i'm so picking some up for you saturday from the whataburger run :D if you haven't tried it .... you're gonna LOVE!!! it (i mean comeone redd doesn't even drink coffee and she loves that stuff!)

had a blad during M.Night, we have to do that again! (m. night, not the film director, hehe)
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