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Friday Night Movie

Taken = awesome.

Redd, your movie review proved highly accurate.


A rather boring aside [Wish me luck on my midterm tomorrow. I met with my instructor in person yesterday to get her signature on a form so that I could switch to audit. I had been intending to audit the entire time, but I like to stay in classes as credit until midterms because I find it more motivational. As I knew I would be switching to audit and others in the class are not only in it for a grade but also as a part of their dreams/goals (ie - degree, career, etc.) I think they should get priority, so I always feel like my asking questions is stealing time away from real students. I had the same problem when taking Writing and Grammar - I didn't want to answer questions in class because I felt like the other kids deserved the opportunity more. Of course, my Writing and Grammar teacher didn't seem to think that way - he called on *everyone* and multiple times, which kept everyone on their toes. Anyway, I had been feeling super guilty about emailing my programming teacher, but when I went to her office to chat with her I discovered she is *incredibly* nice. (She was pretty funny, too.) She said that with the exception of Monkeys and one other person, I'm the only one who emails her! What's that about? How can they not have questions?? Anyway, the point was that my emails were not getting in the way of anyone, plus they were giving her something to do during office hours. So I feel much better about emailing. She also talked me into holding off on changing to audit. I have until March 23rd, so I promised I'd wait a bit longer. She said she thought I would do just fine because she could tell how hard I was working on this stuff. Mainly I needed to grasp the idea that there's more than one way to solve a problem, so stop looking for a single "right" solution. Oddly enough, this is something I preach all the time to my college success students, but I could never get that concept myself. Even if I learn nothing about programming, I'm hoping I'll learn to accept the multiple paths concept. Oh, and I hate parameters. Call-by-reference/call-by-value/global/local/argh!!!!!! Whatever. I hope they will not predominate the midterm... ]

Sleepy sleepy sleepy



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Feb. 28th, 2009 11:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah! I really want to see that.
jeff and I saw Underworld (I keep wanting to call it either (Netherworld, Neverwhere, or Underwear) and it was good too. Dark like the first two, except in this one, you already know what's gonna happen cuz they told you about it in the first one. Lots of slash-slash bits and blood flying and stuff. But it's what you'd expect from a vampire/werewolf movie.


Mar. 1st, 2009 05:00 am (UTC)
movies and tj maxx and stuff
I'm so sorry we didn't get to say goodbye Friday night!!! when we left the theatre i looked around the lobby area and didn't see you, then I looked around outside the ticket booth and didn't see you, so I thought you guys went on home!!! it never even occurred to me that you were still in the theatre. darn it! i wanted to ask you how it was and stuff. next time we'll have to park near your car so that we can know whether you've left. we were parked way out in the front side area and didn't have a view of the main parking lot. durrrrrrrrrrr.

i'm glad the movie was good!! monkeys really wants to see it. (he really liked Taken, but I think he was sekretly jealous of your NetherNeverUnderWearWorld viewing)

this is going to sound really stupid, but I missed you terribly in Taken because i'd gotten a GIANT soda and had a bunch of it left afterwards and thought "this would never have happened if Toast were here...we'd not only have finished this we'd have gotten a refill"

Oh - Droid and I hit TJ Maxx before BooksAMillion so that I could get a housewarming present for Kristen. We were rushing, and I made a comment about how I usually check for Wonderland stuff because you never know when they'll have something, but since Magnet and McAmson are over in BAM waiting on use we should probably not linger. (Plus, the last seven times I was there they didn't have anything so I didn't think last night would be any different.) Today at my mom's house she gave me a set of Wonderland coasters, said she just got them at TJ Max and that they had a bunch of Wonderland cups. Can you believe it? So we went there before Kristen's party and on the aisle immediately next to the one Droid and I were on the night before were three elongated coffee mugs, two regular sized coffee mugs/tea cups, and a little box with tiny cappachino sized cups/saucers/spoons - all matching the set of coasters Mom bought me. Plus three more sets of coasters. I got almost all of it. I'm such a dork.

OH and before I forget, Kym said she missed seeing you and we should meet one Saturday and go shopping or something.
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